Updated response from HC..........Don't buy Honeycomb products if you care about a warranty

Apparently if you don’t buy direct from them you get no warranty. Bought a Bravo from MyPilotStore a while back (still in the 2 year warranty period) and Honeycomb is refusing to service it. This isn’t some rando seller on Ebay or something, this is like going to Best Buy and then having the mfr. refuse to fix a warranty issue.

Did you contact MyPilotStore first ?
It not unusual for any type of product or purchase, to go through the seller/retailer.

I did, but it’s well outside the 30 day return window and they said I need to go to Honeycomb for support. I bought the Bravo near the end of March 2021 and with the 2 year warranty it had about 2 1/2 months left when I first submitted a request to HC. They only finally responded today two weeks later. Last week I had contacted MyPilotStore and they had confirmed that I should be going through Honeycomb for support and even CC’d HC on their reply which created a 2nd ticket.

I bought my Honeycomb Alpha from Amazon. I had a problem just inside the two year manufacturers warranty but well outside Amazons. I contacted Honeycomb and they informed me to contact Aerosoft who are their agent in Europe. Aerosoft gave me an RMA and after they received the unit and confirmed it was faulty and not repairable by them they sent me a new replacement. I also recieved a full refund of my shipping costs.


I bought from MyPilotStore, had a faulty reverser lever on the Bravo close to two years in. I contacted HC and after sending proof of purchase and photos of the unit, they sent me a pre-paid shipping label. Upon receipt, they replaced the unit. I have no gripe with HC Customer Service. Not a great idea to announce what others should do based solely on your individual experience,

So your problem sounds exactly like mine, but I’m having the complete opposite experience. I even attached a copy of my MyPilotStore receipt in the original ticket submission to them so what the heck gives? Do you have a direct email contact at Honeycomb I can use? I can find dozens of posts in various forums, reddit, etc. of others also having issues getting support from them so I’m definitely not the only one that has had issues.

You are definitely not alone in this. Honeycomb have a reputation for very poor customer service. Buyers need to factor that in when purchasing new. They shouldn’t have to but unfortunately in todays world this is an all too frequent story.


So I got a new and unexpected reply from them this afternoon. Makes me wonder how much of it if any had to do with me contacting their European support at Aerosoft to see if they knew why the US location wasn’t responding to a ticket I put in 2 weeks ago and had been trying to get an update on. That was before this morning’s unacceptable response from HC’s support in the US though. Here’s the new updated response so I’m cautiously optimistic now.

My sincere apologies, I was mistaken in my response, I am still new and that is on me. We do handle the returns in replacements.


I bought both of my Honeycombs from mypilotstore and had a problem with the bravo unit while under warranty. Sent Honeycomb an email and some pictures; I sent them the defective one back and they replaced it promptly, so not sure what the problem with yours was. Very professionally handled by Honeycomb.

Yeah see my post above yours. Sounds like I got the new guy. Not sure why it two weeks (full 14 days) to get any response at all though and then to have that denial be the first response was even worse. I’ve submitted the RMA form and pics now so just waiting on the shipping label. Kinda surprised they want the unit and all of the cables and mount and handles. Guess it’s good I didn’t do something like paint the handles or put labels on the rocker switches.

I’m not sure where you are based, but since you mentioned Aerosoft, this may have something to do with it:

FAQs|Guarantees, cancelling and returning your purchases - Your Europe.

Under EU law, within the legal guarantee period of two years, defective products must be repaired or replaced without any cost to the consumer . This includes any shipping costs.

Europe is so far advance on many issues over North America especially consumer protection…. The NA governments really need to get their greedy corporate heads out of thier a…………


Unfortunately Honeycomb has terrible support.

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I’m in the US, me contacting aerosoft was a last ditch effort to try and get a hold of someone. I was thinking worst case they ping back their US partners and say “hey what’s going on over there you have customers pinging us”.

Still waiting on the shipping label now, hopefully I don’t have to wait another two weeks for that.

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…and based on all the problems listed here, products as well. To me ‘support’ is a big part of my purchasing decision.

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Yeah I had been looking forward to getting their rudder pedals for some of the little things like the carpet spikes, but now I’m just as likely to skip them and stay with my Logitech pedals on top of rubber shelf liner and/or look at something from Virpil etc.

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Shipping label was provided this morning and I just dropped it off at Fedex. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve heard horror stories about after people have shipped their units back for RMA as well. I was a little surprised they wanted all the accessories etc back with it. Guess it’s a good thing I still had the box as also. Nearly tossed it a few months ago when the unit was still working.