UPdated tutorials for Blender --> MSFS 2023?

So after spending the better part of a day trying to get back into the scenery dev game after a 1 year+ break, I officially give up.

Seems things has changed a lot since my last rodeo and it would seem that none of the tutorials that actually makes sense are now obsolete and before you know it you are deep down a rabbit hole of various old blender versions and add ons for blender that do not yield the expected outcome.

I am therefore in desperate search for updated and WORKING tutorials for MSFS SDK. Specifically for exporting blender models and their textures into the models lib with textures in the correct texture folder and the 3 files .xml - .bin - .gltf

For now I have been able to get the textures out and the .xml and .bin files. But not the .gltf

Used to learn this stuff from the Flying Theston tutorials, (3 years old now) but not working anymore.

Most recent export tutorial ive come across are the Federico Pinotti one but despite copying it to the T i cannot get a .gltf generated.


I am desperate to know if there are any updated tutorials out there?


Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’m a fairly seasoned Blender user, but the constant updates to the SDK and reliance on video tutorials is a bit confusing. I have two water tower models I’d like to place in my home town as well as some replacement hangers for it’s associated airport, but I haven’t been able to get them imported. Either a typed step by step process to get a box in the sim and a follow up to get a textured box and its associated texture files in the right place would be awesome. Otherwise I’ll hold out hope for a dedicated scenery app to drag and drop models into and then put on the map, in 2024. Not likely, but I can hope.

Unfortunately Jonx stopped making his online tutorials, but they can still be useful. I hope he can run though some updated basics again, as he’s very good at it.

Search YouTube for Jonx and they’ll come up, or start with this link below.

He also runs a very good discord “Flight Simulator Freelance Society” too, which is very active with people that can help with any questions. The link for that is on his YouTube video description.


It is pretty straightforward :sweat_smile:

If you need some more help DM me or join my Discord :blush: