Updates to Ford 4-AT Trimotor, Latécoère 631, and Boeing 307 Stratoliner (August 10, 2023)

Hello everyone,

New updates to three Local Legends/Famous Flyers are now available from Content Manager. Please see below for the release notes.


Famous Flyer 06: Ford 4-AT Trimotor

  • Adjusted the collision mesh inside to mitigate issues with camera clipping.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip of the HSI’s CDI knob.
  • Fixed an issue with the HSI’s CDI knob where it could not be adjusted using the gamepad.
  • Vertical guidance on the HSI and VOR gauge are now aligned when tuned to the same station.
  • Fixed a labeling issue with the Mixture on the center pedastal.
  • Improved the art / animation of the transponder’s mode dial.
  • Fixed Quickviews 1, 3, and 5 in the Floats and Skis variants.

Local Legend 09: Latécoère 631

  • Fixed the variometer to be less sensitive and align with the rate of change observed on the altimeter.
  • Engines 5 and 6 now require the APU in order to be started.
  • Adjusted the voltmeter to more accurately report the voltage of the main bus.
  • Fixed some audio issues when flying near other Latécoère 631s.

Local Legend 10: Boeing 307 Stratoliner

  • The mixture levers can no longer clip into the throttle levers.
  • The aircraft is less maneuverable on the ground after performing a gear-up landing.
  • The GPU cart no longer appears by default when starting Cold & Dark.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Heading Indicator.
  • Fixed various issues with instrument lighting.
  • Adjusted the engines’ RPM at idle.
  • The engines will shutdown when fuel and oil are cutoff.
  • The Sperry gyropilot works and “lives” more happily with the modern AP.
  • Updated the cabin supercharging / pressure regulating system
  • Adjusted the scale on the ammeters so that they show output only.
  • Fixed the CDI on HUD’s HSI and cockpit’s VOR gauge so that they are now aligned.
  • Fixed some VFX issues related to the wheels.
  • Added an effect for dumping fuel.\
  • Fixed the Battery Selector lever so that the GPU and chocks do not appear when set to Flight.
  • The HUD’s and cockpit’s tachometers are now aligned.
  • Auto-Start now start Engines 2 and 4.
  • The Pre-Start checklist can now be completed with Autocomplete.
  • Revised the tooltips for the fuel selectors.