Updates to Latécoère 631 and Dornier Do X

Hello everyone,

New versions of Local Legend 9: Latécoère 631 and Local Legend 12: Dornier Do X are now available via Content Manager. If you are currently in the sim, you may need to close and relaunch for these updates to show up. Please see the release notes below.


Latécoère 631

Version 1.0.8

  • Color arcs on the HUD Airspeed Indicator have been revised to better reflect the aircraft’s V-speeds
  • Engines will now start when Autostart (on the clipboard) is selected once
  • Corrected an issue with the propeller animation
  • Engine manifold pressure will now decrease as the aircraft gains altitude

Dornier Do X

Version 0.1.11

  • Closed gaps / holes in the collision mesh to prevent the camera from going where it shouldn’t
  • Fuel control knobs should be easier to use / manipulate
  • The extra needle appearing on the Altimeter in the nav room has been fixed
  • Added additional effects when landing on asphalt and grass
  • Can now turn the aircraft on water using the rudder pedals
  • The yoke can now be controlled using the VR controllers
  • Improvements to lighting in the interior cabin
  • Corrected some issues with the checklists as it pertains to Autocomplete
  • Corrected an issue with duplicate oil placards in the engine room