Updates to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2 and ATR 42-600 / 72-600

Updates to the MU-2 and ATR 42/72 are available from the in-sim Content Manager now. Please see below for the release notes.


Famous Flyer 7: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2 v1.0.20

  • Fixed an issue where the Heading Bug can become misaligned when passing 360.
  • Fixed an issue where the aircraft could not be started under cold conditions.
  • Reduced the ambient occlusion reflectiveness of the cockpit.

Expert Series 1: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 v1.0.36

  • Added marker for MAX throttle position to calibration window
  • EFB Options items re-arranged
  • Fixed Nav source not switching to NAV2 when V/ILS2 is selected on CPT side
  • Fixed MFC test timing
  • Fixed CoG graph coordinate calculation
  • Added EFB option for display unit clickspot help overlay
  • Added clickspot help overlay to MFD and EWD (graphics are placeholders!)
  • Changed nose wheel steering to a new method (without fighting control inputs)
  • Fixed Flight Idle TQ now drops to 0.0% in flight
  • Fixed Gear lever now locked in down position on the ground
  • Fixed PROG page total distance and EFOB calculation
  • Fixed Power Management knobs animation synchronization
  • Fixed GW/FOB indications on EWD not updating when engines running
  • Removed automatic wind entry from PERF APPROACH page
  • Fixed VApp calculation on PERF APPROACH page (FCOM LIM.3.4.9 p15)
  • Fixed roll hold mode
  • Added workaround to reduce the prop RPM of engine 2 in hotel mode to around 0
  • Fixed enroute holding tracking
  • Fixed PFD throttle hint status not loaded from config (Community report)
  • Fixed cabin/compartment temperature jumping
  • Removed COM3 radio from systems.cfg
  • Fixed MAN CAB ALT default position to neutral
  • Fixed SOURCE SEL pushbutton to show MAN when released
  • Fixed MODE SEL pushbutton to show MAN when released
  • Changed SOURCE SEL and MODE SEL pushbuttons to be pressed in on loading
  • Added Landing Elevation is now set to destination airport/runway elevation after activating flightplan
  • Changed default setting for DH/MDA knobs to MDA
  • Removed standby instrument baro from synchronization to allow standard operating procedure of leaving it at local QNH
  • Corrected INT/RAD switches to spring-loaded 3-state switches
  • Added a separate button for ACW Ground Power on the EFB Aircraft page
  • Fixed EFB aircraft state buttons not reacting on mouse over
  • Fixed Probes warnings with ACW gens offline, while airborne
  • Fixed AMP meter indications
  • Fixed bug where AICE FAULTs would not be shown in the MFD MEMO area
  • (Re-)activated conditional drawing for certain PFD/MFD display areas
  • Fixed bug where ECL procedure version would not differentiate between PROP BRAKE SET or NOT SET
  • Fix for MFD VCP PERF PAGE Confirm Takeoff Data button not being updated
  • Added animation code for CVR Test and lighting for GND CTL button based on Magnars description
  • Fix for PFD MDA colored altitude shown, despite MDA not being active
  • Implemented IS_PROCEDURE_DETAIL_SET() method
  • Fixed power source for MECH Call Horn which should be connected to DCEssBus
  • Fixed EFB pax loading related bug
  • Implemented cockpit door state dependant MFD VID image
  • Added multiple localvars for third party virtual co-pilot implementations
  • Fixed second MCDU sometimes locked on a different page than MENU
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a negative distance calculation for a waypoint following a route discontinuity
  • Fixed a bug in the EFB weight calculations (note: There are no partial passengers, so weights might deviate a bit)
  • Added support for 3 letter airport codes in the United States
  • Fixed a bug in DME distance calculation
  • Fixed a potential crash in the DME arc drawing function
  • Added new loading tips localizations
  • Added waypoint 1500ft above airport level if no SID is selected
  • Fixed all DTO sub pages showing the first listed waypoint as active
  • Fixed approach speed remaining selected ON after FMS reset at end of flight
  • Fixed MFD SYS CABIN page not reflecting temperature mode (MAN/AUTO)
  • Fixed COM2 radio not reaction to reducing volume to zero (VATSIM)
  • Fixed gear extending/retracting without hydraulics (note: sound not in sync yet!)
  • Fixed a bug which caused DC Gen 2 to show FAULT if only engine#2 was running
  • Fixed engine can not be started after shut down by pulling fire handle (“Repair engine” button added to EFB)