Upgrade 11600K to 11900K?

As cpu prices are dropping here en denmark, i am considering upgrading my i5 11600k to an i9 11900k, anyone done that upgrade? If so, how much performance did you gain in VR?

And yes I have read the reviews but want to hear some hands on experiences😀

I am using an HP Reverb G2 VR headset.

My Current PC spec.
CPU: i5 11600K
Cooler: 212 EVO
MB: Asus Z590 TUF plus Wifi
RAM: 4*8GB Corair vengeance 3200mhz
GPU: Zotach 3080TI trinity
PSU: Corsair RM750W

Not sure how much it would help but that poor RM750 is punching a little above his weight in your system.

No the minimum requirements for that basic configuration is 650, so the 750 is more than adequate.

However I don’t feel the upgrade will be worth it for probably a very few fps but it needs real life experience from a user with the desired system specs.

Are you really CPU limited with this setup?
On my Ryzen setup, the CPU does not appear to be a bottleneck.

  • 2% … not worth

Yeah, you are probably right, a few fps is not worth the upgrade.

I usualy have an cpu lood around 30-40%, while the gpu tops at 95-100%.

My system is designed to have power enogh, ang yes 650w is adequate for my system, so i went a little over that, but as the 11900k is rated at 125w as the 11600k i gues it would work fine.


Most 3080ti recommend 850W not sure why Zoltac thinks less?

Well i have no issues at all with my system😀

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As you were suggesting an upgrade I only wanted to suggest that you were close to (I have no idea of your fans or RGB) the on paper limit at theoretical maximum draw.

Yes we all know they sandbag that a bit.
Edit: And the RM series is a boss PSU