Upgrade cpu for better preformance

I fly exclusively in VR and have struggled and struggled with settings to get the best possible (smoothest)performance from my computer. I have an i5 12600k, a 3060ti runnnig a quest 2 in dx12 with dlss, usually set to quality. According to the developer tool I am main thread limited. I am considering upgrading to an I 7 13700. Any thoughts on how this might improve my situation. I really nees smoothness to enjoy this sim.


I use an i7-10700k with an RTX 3070 and Quest 2. Generally speaking, Im happy with my CPU and overall clarity/performance in the sim.

Is it mainly stuttering that’s causing an issue for you?


I don’t want to overstate my problems . I get decennt performance most of the time, but like many I struggle with stutters in high density areas
I was really just wondering if anyone else had made
this particular upgrade and wha5 kind of experience they had. According to Toms hardware the 13700 benched +25% over the 12600. I have balanced frame times now, would this upgrade screw that up?

What does Task Manager tell you? Look at the Performance tab in it, then monitor the GPU and CPU usage? (take the Quest off, then on your desktop open Task Manager etc. Make sure you center the VR view with your Quest off so you get true readings in Task Manager).

I’d be surprised if you are CPU limited with your specs. What LOD and traffic settings do you have as these hammer the CPU?

Try using DLAA instead of Quality or Performance as DLSS Mode. For me this decreases stutters and increases FPS while having the same visual quality as Quality mode

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I did something similar, but I went from a 12900K to a 13900K, and I was on a 3080Ti. I am not flying in VR. I definitely saw an FPS uplift, but nothing like 25%. Just generally snappier and more overhead available for complex scenery. I lock at 30FPS and I’m usually able to stay there even in London, NY etc. I rarely see stutters at all, although I do get the ‘microstutter every x seconds’ thing that some people have seen, but only at some airports (and not necessarily complex ones). This is due to a long frame and so far I haven’t been able to eliminate it.

Like most people, I find the key is adjusting settings to suit the load I’m putting on the sim. There’s no one size that fits all, even with the fastest CPUs and GPUs available. I’m happy I made the upgrade but it’s a lot of money for a relatively modest improvement.