Upgrade from 12900k to amd 7950x3d or i9-14900k w 4090, vr boost?

I currently have a 4090 + 12900k + 6400mhz ram… I use this for VR primarily, still with a some stutters here and there with motion smoothing and the aero headset, though now with pimax crystal as well.

Im wondering if anyone made a jump 4090 held equal from 12900 to one of these cpu’s. I hear there could be some boost by going to the 7950x3D at least due to caching despite lower clock speeds (currently im at about 4.9 fixed). The 14900 is about 6ghz at most if it is able to hit that with those temps. Its possible to also boost ram to around 7200 from 6400. I’ve always been an intel ‘guy’ for no real good reason i guess, aside from tried and true in my experience, but if amd has something that would yield a 10% boost over what i have now in VR, great (or the 14900k).

Anyone done this and did VR performance change at all? Probably not worth the fuss i’m guessing but if i could gain even 5 fps in VR overall that would be a boost. I do some rendering that really needs those extra cores, like the 16/32 combo would be great for instance, so less interested in the amds that have fewer cores.

Thanks in advance

I really don’t have a dog in the fight between Intel and AMD. Although I am an Intel enthusiast, it is clear AMD have upped their game in recent years.

That said, check out this video by YT tech reviewer JayzTwoCents regarding the 7950x3D. Probably good to at least listen to his analysis before you make your final decision on CPUs. Since I am not a VR user, I can’t comment on perfromance benefits.


You should be able to reliably hit 5.1GHz turbo with your 12900K. If not, you may have inadequate CPU cooling.

My gut says that some of the stuttering that high-end setups still experience in VR is due to the specifics of the VR implementation and the multi-threading setup.

Personally, I am waiting to see how MSFS 2024 shakes out on these elements before changing hardware so that I can better target remaining issues.

By late 2024, we will also know more about RTX 5xxxx GPUs and Arrow Lake CPUs (Intel 15th gen).

Then again, you have an Aero and a Crystal so your MSFS budget seems to be very healthy :grinning:

haha, i wouldnt say budget healthy more like credit card poor lol

I never could reliably hit 5.1 fixed on all cores, i tried for days tinkering… and yeah i think it was a cooling issue. I even had to set my msi to boxed cooler mode not the water cooler one, for lower wattage, despite a 360 cooler.

True on 2024 too, good point, i mean if they impliment multi threaded ability it might change things.

It is true it could be the smoothing that causes random stutters, but its mostly as you approach final on airports, i think its universal to the 2020 eco system.

I dont see as many hiccups with the crystal, but its also not able to do smoothing , yet.

Thanks for that video link, some very good points made in that video and similar to me i guess in that i do more than just flight simulator, but even with that, the 3d cache might not be a huge gain after dropping down to 4ghz from 5 and the randomness it may decide to engage the 3d cache, or stability issues.

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I would have a slightly different take on this, and it hinges on whether you are going to get MSFS 2024 or not. If 2024 really has had these miraculous performance gains, a new CPU right now may not be necessary, unless you are having serious issues with 2020 right now.

I’m talking myself into sticking with my 11900K/3090 right now as it copes in most scenarios.


I have had both cpu’s. Currently I have the 14900k. I had upgraded to the 7950x3d when it first came out and while the performance was great, I was plagued with slow boot times, horrific 1 percent lows and stutters. And this phenomenon was not exclusive to MSFS. I was still with in my return window and exchanged this for a 13900k and although the fps was not as high as with the X3d chip, My experience was much smoother. I will say that both AMD and their board partners have released software updates so I have no idea if those issues still persist. I now currently have a 14900k and I have put my 13900k in my wife’s build (overkill for her as all she plays is the sims). The 14900k and 13900k performance different is negligible and I have seen some good sales on both the 13900k and 13900ks. If you can find one of those for a good price I’d suggest going that route. Also keep in mind you wouldn’t have to swap motherboard going from 12th to 13th gen so you will save some money in that regard as well.

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Its not everyone that experience stutters as you approach final on airports.

Perhaps but there are quite a few threads on here discussing stutters on final, both 2d and vr, often the culprit some think, is maybe MS Servers, im not convinced on that yet and i’ve tried lots of the tricks to eliminate the issue. It doesnt always happen, its mostly large payware addon airports or even the Asobo premium ones. One trick i havent tried was to nearly maximize the road traffic, water craft etc in settings, thats a strange one but who knows (perhaps it keeps the cpu from dropping back).

12900+4090 with a G2, was happy with perwith the odd micro stutter and occasional CTD, just moved to Quest 3 with Virtual Desktop, setting increase, whole screen clarity, improved fps with OpenXR and zero CTD. I’ve got my fingers crossed as many have said for performance improvements in MSFS2024