Upgrade from Thrustmaster Hotas One?

Iv had this stick for a little more than 3 months, but wonder if the Logitech X52 Pro would be a good upgrade.

I am a little annoyed with the squiking when doing small adjustments and could do with a few more buttons.

Any thoughts?

If you really enjoy the flight sim experience and see yourself staying with it then my advice would be to invest in the next tier up.

Yes, VKB, Virpil, WinWing, Honeycomb etc may have a slightly more premium price but in terms of value you are actually getting more for your money in terms of design and component choices.

For General aviation flight Honeycomb (Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant) are the “go to” choices.
For combat style sticks VKB’s mid tier Gladiator NXT is very highly regarded but I would definitely recommend also taking into consideration the slightly higher tier VKB, Virpil or WinWing options as these start to feature all metal gimbal construction and the quality differences are night and day.

Virpil and WinWing both have throttles, VKB may once day launch their TECS throttle and in truth the TM Warthog throttle is ok if you can get it on its own at a good price. (the gimbal for the TM Warthog stick isn’t worth the money they charge. It’s basically the same design as any cheaper plastic joystick gimbal, it’s not a premium product.)

With the advent of accessible 3d printing and off the shelf control components there has also been a growth in “home build” designs. Check out Authentikit to see what you can build at home yourself.

So, after a period of stagnation which saw only 2 consumer manufacturing giants pushing the same flawed designs, essentially unchanged with those same poor design and component choices for years we have sort of entered a new “golden age” of flight sim peripherals.

Discussion about yokes, joysticks, rudders, etc. goes in the Peripherals section. I have moved your post there.