Upgrade timing

Greetings, love the sim and have high hopes for the future.

Current setup:

2560x1600, 60hz monitor - no real desire to ever go 4k on a monitor that is 3 or 4ft from my face. I do have the HP Reverb G2 on backorder, though :slight_smile:

i7-6700k @ 4.4Ghz
32gb XMP’d ripjaws V
MSI 2080 Super
Game and all data cache are installed on a cleared out 1Tb nvme ssd :smile:
200mbps hardline internet

I have cash laying around and I’m sort of tempted to get the 10700k, some days now than others. So it would also mean getting a new, nicer Corsair h100i cooler and a new mobo for me, which would be the MSI Z490 Unify.

Firstly, I’m an Intel guy so am not really interested in AMD. I understand that they innovate where Intel wasn’t, and I’m glad that they’re forcing Intel to now get off their asses.

Would you get the 10700k now, or wait for whatever the hell 10nm or 7nm/pcie 5.0 stuff they eventually come out with?


You’ll see a nice bump from the 6700 mate but not a huge bump, I went from that cpu to a 9700kf, happy yes but wish I’d waited a bit longer :wink: the 2080ti I have was worth a small mortgage though !!!

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