Upgrade to 13900k from 12700k

I am curious if anyone has any experience upgrading to a 13900k from a 12700k?
I currently have a 12700k with a RTX 3080 FTW3 and am Mainthread Limited running on mostly Ultra settings.

I see all the benchmarks online recommending the 5800X3D, but i am hoping to not need to get a new mobo on top of cpu.

Plus, most tests are only showing at 1080 resolution and I am running 5120x1440. (I did see a few at 1440…but most are 1080)

Anyway, curious to see if anyone else has real experience on this upgrade to see if it will be worth the upgrade.

I also use VR with a Reverb G2 and currently running 32GB of DDR4 @ 3200 on a z690 mobo.

I also have my FPS capped at 40 for PC and 30 for VR…just want to get the best experience with the best visuals along with Live weather and FSLTL running.

Thank You

Get a 4000 series card instead. You have more than enough CPU. This game needs GPU.


The short answer is that I haven’t and do not really know what level of improvement you may achieve. That said it sounds like the 13900k is a good CPU.

  1. Does your motherboard definitely support the 13900k? And if it does are there any aspect about it that may hinder the full potential of the processor?

  2. Before you go to any additional expense have you tried lowering just a few settings slightly to gain a smoother experience. There’s a good video somewhere that compares loads of the various setting for visual comparison. I would suggest that would be a good place to start rather than throwing money at it. You already have a pretty good machine, if it were me I would aim to make it work for me and consider a more comprehensive upgrade in the future when 13900k and 4000 series Nvidia cards have been surpassed.

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Curious how that would be a solution when in VR or PC I am ALWAYS Mainthread Limited?
A Bigger/Better GPU will not help…will it?

Yes…12700k and 13900k both use the LGA1700.
I certainly can lower some settings and adjust rendering to keep FPS steady above 30 at all times.

Just trying to see if anyone else made the jump and what their experience is/was.
(I know its quite a bit of money to spend for a new CPU when i can just adjust a few things down and call it a day)

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I can tell you my experience with a 9900k to a 12900ks upgrade some months ago, keeping my 3080Ti card on a completely new PC including also M2 disks and DDR5 RAM. The performance was nearly identical even if the CPU, MoBo and HDD + RAM were faster. I maybe gained 5 fps average. However the game loading times and camera panning were improved massively.

Game currently relies on two principles:

  • It runs a main thread which is blottlenecked by design and only Asobo can fix it (basically many things run on that thread). A faster CPU can help but it´s not the real solution as there are situations where relevant freezes lasting up to 1 second still happen on it (they started with later SU10 betas and I think they are caused by the ongoing memory optimizations). More CPU cores won´t help either as that makes CPU run cooler basically, because there´s still only one main thread.

  • It puts a hell of data on the VRAM. Even for the 3080Ti (12 GB) that can be an issue and it can be close to 100% VRAM usage so a card with more VRAM helps. The alternative solution is to reduce textures resolution to high or TLOD to 200. When complex scenes are rendered a fast GPU clock helps but the one of 3080Ti card still serves for that purpose quite well but lacks some more VRAM to support it.


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On my setup I get a lot stuttering with TLOD pass 150 depending on where I fly. Places like KATL I have to keep it around 100-120 to get a playable experience. Adding in AI traffic adds more burden to my CPU.
Nearly all of my settings are set to Ultra except the LOD settings.
My Specs are on my profile. The highest VRAM usage I have seen so far is 15.2gb.

I don’t think so. MSFS2020 has always been CPU-intensive in most cases. I have the same setup as the OP and in 1440P ULTRA, I am CPU-bound. FS2020 needs more CPU muscle than GPU especially if you fly planes like the Fenix A320.

I am on the same question. I have the same setup as yours, and I’d like to know how much improvement can a 13900K have over the 12700k. Interesting to see ppl overclocking the 13900K to a stable 5.8GHz!

At the moment, I run FS2020 at 1440P ULTRA with the 3080, and I am CPU-bound with the 12700K OC to 5.1GHz.

I usually fly VFR with GA (no problem with FPS here, >= high 40s - 60s) but recently spending most flights with the Fenix A320 getting between 25 to 30 in large busy airports with traffic, and between 30-40’s up high.

CR33, you and i have the Exact same setup.
I have my “All core” at 5.1 GHz as well with Single core up to 5.3 GHz.
For the most part…FPS are fine all the time with me setting 33% VSync which nets me 40 FPS.
I have just notice with busy airports and FSLTL i get down to 30 FPS and below.

Hopefully we will hear from someone that has upgraded to the 13900k and can give real world experience.

If 14th Gen Intel changes sockets…i will either just jump into the 13900k and be done or Possibly consider the new AMD 7900X3D

Overall i am very happy with the system/setup…just like to max out settings of possible :relaxed:

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Resources monitoring show a GPU usage above 95% permanently with a high VRAM load as well, while only an average 10-20% CPU usage exists. CPU has some higher peaks, but they last less than 1 second. Definitely not a maintained high CPU load. That´s for TLOD 200 and 3840x1600 in my case and with DX12. In my old setup (same 3080Ti but with a 9900k instead of 12900ks) I got a bit higher CPU usage, but still on a similar low range.


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This 10-20% CPU utilization always bugs me… only Asobo can fix this. While core 0 is duking it out (well, at only around 20-30%), the rest of the chores are slacking.

In this case I would think the benefit of an upgrade to 13900K from 12700K may not be worth it.

happy flying!

I am still holding my guns for that 13900K until there is a convincing review/experience that the performance benefit of the upgrade is worth the $$$, at least for our hobby. Though my 12700k at 5.1GHz is still the bottleneck with FS2020, the experience is still generally very good. This is just a “kiasu” (Singapore slang) case of me LOL.

If Asobo can improve CPU utilization, things might improve a lot in terms of sim performance.

No game will utilize 100% of a multicore CPU. MSFS is a very light-threaded application, so it leans heavily on only a few threads to do 90% of the work. In this aspect, the 13900K is a significant improvement over the prior 12th gen due to its high single-core boosting performance at 5.8 Ghz. I routinely see my 13900K boosting multiple threads to 6 Ghz.

I’m not sure what you’re holding out for, as there are multiple reviews and user experiences on this forum. If you want to see a benchmark, here’s one: a near 30% improvement over the 12700k.

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I wish they would do these comparisons in 1440p or 2160p resolution.
I dont know many people who use 1080p in MSFS.

Just want to see a more realistic comparison…

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CPU benchmarks are done at 1080p as it forces a CPU bottleneck and ensures performance is largely controlled by the CPU. Doing a CPU benchmark at 4K is pointless, as the GPU is usually the bottleneck and CPU performance doesn’t make much of a difference.

Got it, makes sense.
Thank You

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thanks for the insight mate. i am also looking at some recent reviews right now and it does show some promising performance improvement.

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So I bit the bullet and bought the 13900K(F) because I had two good justifications :slight_smile:

  1. The PC is also used for 3D rendering and video editing, so even if performance gains in FS2020 isn’t impressive, my 3D apps and video editing will surely benefit from the new chip

  2. The same shop (in Singapore) where I got my 12700K is willing to buy back my now 9-months old 12700K for slightly more than half the original price! So it’s a good deal for me!

So I plugged the new chip this morning after upgrading the mobo BIOS and boy am I impressed!

At full ULTRA in 1440p (TLOD 200) with FSLTL Traffic and weather, I get a consistent 18-22 fps gains over the previous chip in FS2020 with view panning now becoming much smoother, though the first time you pan in a direction will cause some micro stutters. That’s about 60-70fps for the c172 over lower Manhattan, 52-56fps active cockpit view in the Fenix A320 in my local Airport with traffic and weather, 60-65fps external view in same airport. This are just my preliminary results without doing much tweaks. If there are further improvements I will update this thread.

Test aircraft: c172, FBW A320, Fenix A320.
nVidia Driver: 528.24

Strangely, DLSS still does not make any difference in fps, in fact in some areas I lost about 2-3 frames. Moving to DX12 also dropped some 2-4 fps so it’s still DX11 for me.

CPU Utilization: Between 35-45% depending on aircraft and area.
GPU RTX 3080 Utilization: Between 82-100% depending on area and view
Max CPU Temp on air cooling (no OC): 78 deg C

Do I think I still need a 4090? At this point and this performance, No. Unless Santa comes in early this year :wink:

BTW, my 3080 is the 10Gig version.


This is Awesome to hear!

SInce you have the same setup as me (as i too have a 12700k and a 3080 10GB) this is great to hear of the improvements.

I will still be capping my FPS at 33% aka 40 FPS, but to know i will have smooth performance and be able to maintain my FPS for viewing quailty is a huge plus!

I will be sticing with DX11 as well, but will be comparing TAA vs DLAA (Not interested in DLSS as i want the best Visuals and am not shooting for high FPS anyway.

Really appreciate you taking the time to post all of this and do the testing…looking forward to the upgrade myself.
(I know i could wait for the 7900x3D, but i rather not have to change the Mobo…so sticking with the 13900k works for me)

Thanks again!