UPGRADE your BIOS - 30X series cards

I just wanted to inform that for people having a 30X sersies card (i have 3080) (and an asus motherboard, maybe other brands also) updating your BIOS (to beta) gives a 5 to 10 fps increase.

This makes glass cocpit planes now flyable for me. And gives the sim a new dimension.

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Isn’t the beta BIOS just for resizable BAR support? Unless people have compatible CPU and MBs I don’t think there’s any reason to update it.

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My ASUS X99A MoBo is 4 years old and I had to upgrade the BIOS to get it to recognise my RTX3070.

The FPS increase seems to be a placebo effect. I didn’t notice any difference one way or the other, although it seemed to work for the topic author.

The ASUS website clearly states that it is intended for performance increase specifically for 30x series cards, thats why i installed it and to me it is not a placebo effect but the difference between flyable and not flyable (for glass cockpit planes).

I have an assus ZX-390, you have to install it manually since it is beta.

i am not saying this will help for everybody, but if you have an asus motherboard and a 30x series card it is worth checking it out.

Ah, so you’re actually talking about MB BIOS rather than GPU? Topic title was confusing.

Just looked into it and there indeed is a new BIOS for the Asus Z390 series (Maximus XI Hero here). Am surprised cos I thought resizable BAR support was limited to 10/11th gen CPUs and similarly recent AMD equivalents.

Does the Nvidia control panel’s system info look any different since you updated?

i check when i am at home, it is BIOS Upgrade, version 1902, but if i look at the website now it is not showing any more, weird.

Yes, after installing the beta bios (ASUS Z390-Pro Gaming) and enabling Resizable BAR and enabling “over 4G encoding” in the bios my system info says yes.

You have to do all three.

Do we know that MSFS 2020 supports or has ReSizeBar integrated?
Because on the homepage of Nvidia the Flight Sim is not mentioned

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Got it set up ok* here but not tested anything yet. As expected, the 3080 FE needed a BIOS update as well.

*ok other than now having RAM-related boot issues. Enabling XMP fails to boot reliably with 4 DIMMs installed, despite having no such issues previously. Can’t win 'em all…

FS2020 doesn’t support resizable bar at present.


What’s the speed of your memory? Try setting a lower value and build up from that. In previous BIOS versions I was running at 4000Mhz but had to roll it back to 3800Mhz with a more recent release. Check your FLCK settings as well, I have mine configured for 1900Mhz.

Prior to the current release that you’re referring to, when did you last update your BIOS? There’s no reference to these improvements in any of the usual industry forums or communities that I can find.

It’s 4000MHz (Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x8GB). Been up and running just fine all evening, just frustrating to be having boot issues which didn’t exist before the BIOS update.

Will try your suggestions if necessary, thanks.

This also confused me when Gigabyte released a Re-BAR capable bios earlier this year for their Z390 Aorus master.

Everything I have read about it is as you have stated, therefore no support for Z390 compatible CPU’s. Odd.

I updated anyway.
And updated my rtx 3090 to latest bios.
Pretty sure it has made no difference.

I updated to enable resizable bar on my system a month or so back. No difference whatsoever in FS2020, but it still makes me feel so bleeding edge :rofl:

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I updated from a 2018 version, so that’s probably the reason why i get the performance boost

And disable CSM in the boot tab or else black screen

You should only update your BIOS on your motherboard if your system is not behaving as it should. If it’s working, then leave it alone. There’s not going to be some magical fix or performance improvement for FS2020 in a BIOS update.


I’ll pack that advice away with a ream of dot matrix paper so I can store them both as era specific goods.

I just updated my PRIME X570-P to the new BIOS 4002. It’s worth it. I can’t comment on MSFS performance impact but it looks like I was finally able to set all PCI back to GEN4 and have Reverb G2 working fine. In 2 hours of MSFS I had no blackout in G2 that were certain to happen in GEN4 mode before the new BIOS. Previous update that was supposed to fix USB connectivity issue didn’t. But this one did, at least it looks like it so far.

So definitely check if your motherboard has more recent BIOS. But save all BIOS settings and make photos on your phone of every page, so you canduplicate them in case old saves are incompatible or lost after BIOS flash.

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