Upgraded CPU from Ryzen 9 3900x to Ryzen 9 5950x

With this upgrade, much smoother experience about 40% jump in FPS, Very pleased, extra 4 cores on CPU makes huge difference, Running GTX 2080 super graphics card. !!!

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I doubt it’s the extra cores so much as the boost in performance. Your mainthread frame render times must have dropped considerably to match or better those of the gpu.

Are you on a pc or laptop? Did you order online and install yourself? Any idea what the process would be for a laptop? Would I need to mail it into HP and have them do the upgrade or ? Is it even upgradeable?

As a rule laptops have their cpus soldered in place effectively ruling out any upgrade

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Well ■■■■, as is the laptop runs great and I don’t see any issues being able to continue to run MSFS into the long term future. Just one of those, doesn’t hurt to ask and be informed. Thanks for the reply.

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