Upgraded GPU to Zotac GeForce RTX 3060 12GB TWIN EDGE OC Ampere Graphics Card

Just upgraded my 6 year old Zotec GTX 1070 to the Zotec RTX 3060 12gb. Wow, what a difference. Although my GTX1070’s performance in MSFS was much better than I anticipated, the difference now is striking. I’ve move most settings up a notch, quite a few on Ultra & LOD is 140 & Render Scaling @110 & it now looks really nice on my 2560x1080 LG Monitor. Also it is so much smoother. Ebuyer now selling the 3060 card for £439.38 & they still have stock which is much better than the position we were in not so many months ago. I know everyone will say why not pay the extra & get a ti but money is money & my budget was strict! Chuffed to bits with it!!
Willl test in VR later today, my old 1070 struggled too much. Hopefully the 3060 will have improved the stuttering issues. I know it’s not going to be that geat for VR but it’s gotta be better! :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear.
A new GPU is always a joy and there will always be faster, more expensive options.

Also in the end it’s a decision to have a balanced system. If your CPU is rather weak, a great GPU might help with higher resolution but as long as the sim is bottlenecked by the CPU, you won’t get as much for your money as you paid.
So sometimes it’s better to save a bit on the GPU and instead invest into CPU or RAM to balance the new hardware.

My CPU is an i7-8700K which I feel compliments the new 3060 nicely! All running with 32gb RAM.

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Sounds good. I too still have a 1070 in my system, which is also an i7-8700K.