Upgraded to RTX 3090

Up until today I’ve been running an AMD 3900x and RTX 2080TI. I was fortunate enough to snag an RTX 3090 and installed it. I updated the drivers and tried out VR in X Plane 11 and it was unbelievable, but when I try to go into VR in FS 2020 my Reverb G2 goes yellow and I get a black menu screen on my TV when I look at it with my VR headset off.

You need to go into your Windows display settings and turn HDR off. It’s a bug they’re aware of. Had the same issue with my Index.


ok, I’ll give that a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: that did it! Thank you so much.

Now the most important info most likely most are wanting to know: what do you think about the performance swapping the 2080TI with the 3090?

Very happy with the 3090 and Reverb G2 here. Looking forward to trying out your excellent tips on setup, @CptLucky8. Hopefully have some time tomorrow to try that. (post located here for those who may have missed it)

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Same card upgrade to me. Loving it so far in MS2020 VR. No you can’t max everything out, but very cool experience. The other plus, Cyberpunk in 4K with everything maxed! :slight_smile:

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In preparation for VR I upgraded my whole rig, now running a 5600x and 3090. I’m a happy camper, but Without any reference to other rigs I struggle to workout whether I can get better or not. Looking out straight ahead, image seems very smooth flying around NY, looking straight down, seems a little jerky.

I’ve set openvr to 80 and in game TA to 80.

Altering TA while wearing the g2 seems to offer a resolution , so I set it to match the resolution of the G2.

The most annoying thing currently is the lack of buildings in the distance. Flying out from LGA it takes a while for the buildings on the island to appear. It’s odd because you turn your head away and when you turn back they suddenly appear. There’s a setting for this but I’m struggling to find it.

Overall though I’m hardly in a position to complain so don’t :slight_smile:

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Just for reference , with 3090 and decent cpu, what should I expect if everything’s tuned correctly. By comparison to normal viewing everything’s a little blurry m but unless I look straight down everything seems smooth , even when flying around NYC

Think its the buildings level of detail slider your on about, same with the terrain detail slider. The higher the slider the earlier things get loaded in.

How significant was the improvement? I currently use a 2080Ti and am considering upgrading to 3080Ti when it is released.

Many thanks

VR is very buggy in fs2020… asobo apparently doesn’t bother to do any test prior to releasing patches. Every new patch is a mess of bugs.

I followed some new advice from VRpilot, cranking up the texture and detail to 200, and 70 ta, and 85 in openvr. Ultra and high everything else. Very smooth performance and ,lots of detail. More work to do to understand the SweetSpot and my eyesight , but for GA flying it’s simply the best FS experience I’ve had to date.

I have a 3080. Vr is only ok in FS2020. Not getting much more than the Cpt does with his 2070… I can run a little different (higher SS) without issues.

Most of the problems in FS2020 is Not the same Plane to Plane… Most the smaller planes I can run 50-60 FPS in Rural and 40S in Cities… But taking out the CJ4 my favorite plane and Im running at 30-40 FPS Rural… And 20-30 Cities… :frowning: I don’t see the 3090 pushing much more… There seems to be other issues with FS2020 other than the type of Graphics card you run.

All this comes at the cost of hardly being able to read the controls… And some of the Buttons on the G1000 for the C172, If I already did not know what button was what… It would be almost impossible to read them. Of Course I could up the SS but, it just kills your FPS… And I find anything under 40FPS in a Index Not fun at all.

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