Upgrading PC / 1080TI

Hi All,

I’m looking to upgrade my graphics card and possibly my overall set up, and looking for advise for replacements?

My feeling was a RTX 3080?

My current setup:

  • ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
  • 16GB Ram
  • 1080TI GPU
  • I7-6700 CPU

Thanks in advance.

If your main interest is playing MSFS, I would absolutely upgrade your CPU first, graphics card second.


Got to agree cpu and motherboard first … unless of course he finds an out and out bargain 3080 but they don’t grow on trees. Way back when I had a mate who ran a recycling yard and you would not believe the broken PCs some people throw away. I got a (then) high end gaming rig for the price of a new cmos battery.

Thanks for the tips.
Any recommendations?

You will need to have a budget in mind.

Previous generation Ryzen 5xxx and Intel 12 gen are on sale pretty much everywhere and can use inexpensive DDR4 memory with the right motherboard (in the case of Intel)

If your budget is unlimited, then you can pick up the newest chips and DDR5 memory.

I’m open to suggestions really at the moment in regards to Budget.
I looked at the AMD Ryzen 5800X3D as that a good write up for MSFS?

Or would Intel 12 gen be a better bet?

The 5800X3D would be a better choice.

Spend some time on PC Part Picker to run scenarios.

Also agree on the 5800X3D. You could wait for the 4070ti. It’s going to be faster than the 3080 and have 2gb more rather than the 10gb on the 3080.
Do not settle for any gpu with less than 12gb of VRAM.

I just upgraded from 1080ti to RTX 3080 with I7 9700K, Z390, 32gb 2600 and doubled fps in 4K. I was happy that I didn’t have to toss all my old hardware. More then RTX 3080 didn’t make sense considering my CPU.

What are you aiming to achieve with this upgrade, with FPS target at a given graphics setting and resolution being the most relevant? eg. 30 FPS @ high settings @ 1080p or 100 FPS @ ultra @ 4K? The answer will help determine hardware recommendations that can be made.

My main issue at the moment is stuttering at larger airports such as EGLL, EGKK KLAX etc especially when flying online.

So I am looking to lessen that impact, the monitor at the moment is not 4K (AW3418DW) but that’s not to say I won’t get one in the future, so maybe 4K ability would be beneficial in the long term as I would need to change my graphics card for that as well, as well as to take advantage of the new tech on the new GPU’s.

Running ultra settings would be amazing, and would change my simming experience, but like above I would have change my monitor and GPU too to run at 4K?

For now, I would like to stick with the GPU and monitor that I have, and see if changing my GPU and upping a few of my settings makes a difference? But would like to ensure I am set up for the future with a new CPU if I did change my GPU and monitor too in the next year?

The 1080Ti is still a very powerful card for 2D performance. You should easily be able to run 1440p at High/Ultra with a modern CPU.

I ran mostly high/ultra settings at 1440p with a 1080 (Non-Ti) before upgrading.

So I have gone with these components so far?

Is it worth trying to hold out for the new year for the new next gen rumoured XD card?

Those are good components for sure.

There will always be the next CPU, the next GPU. Systems are going to be “obsolete” every year.

You can wait a couple months and see how much more it would cost for a 7800X3D, motherboard, and DDR5 RAM and see if it’s worth it to you.

I’m just guessing that a new system like that would be 15-20% “better” for MSFS compared to your idea, but maybe cost 30-40% more. These are just very rough guesses.

I recently upgraded my i9 10850K to a 5800X3D. Of course I had to change motherboard too, and I went for a B550 for maximum compatibility with my Reverb G2 headset. This was with a 3080 but running at 4K.

I was quite amazed at the improvement in performance I got at 4K, now seeing 45 FPS at high settings in the most complex areas (previously low 30s), but regularly around 55-60 FPS elsewhere. Also most pleasing, and what the OP says they are looking for, is how much smoother everything became with this new CPU.

Regarding graphics settings, many aim for the holy grail of ultra settings. With the exception of clouds, which do look visibly better at ultra, I can’t really tell the difference between ultra and high so I leave things at high for the better performance.

Anyway, IMO the 5800X3D is a great upgrade for the price, but if you can hold out for another month or two the 7000 3D series may set your system up for greater longevity but obviously at a much higher price. Either way I think you will be happy.