Upgrading the GPU from RTX3070 to RTX3080Ti for better performance?

My 1080ti/8700K 32GB RAM combo has been running VR quite well on mostly Ultra/High settings.
I don’t see any reason to update hardware for now. Not sure what more eye candy I can get out of the sliders that actually matter in VR. This is the most optimization I’ve ever experienced in a flight sim.(NO empty life/world Aerofly FS2 doesn’t count folks🤣)

Hi there.

I would wait for the updates first. I guess, Direct x 12 could change a lot if this comes to MSFS.

Concerning your question I can tell you, that in the most of the cases the GPU is the bottleneck, not the cpu.

Therefore I changed from a RTX 2070 super to a RTX 3090.

And yes…it’s definitely a change. I used medium settings first…with the RTX 3090 I can fly with ultra setting. But not nice. A lot of stuttering.

Flying on high settings is no problem. It’s really nice already. What could happen with DX 12…

To get the point…even if I use the 3090, the GPU is still around 95 percent while the CPU is around 40 percent. It was the same with the 2070 super…around 40 percent, the GPU around 95.

I am using a I9 9900, 32 GB Ram, MSI Z 390, Windows and MSFS on a SSD, RTX 3090. No overclocking.
My headset is a HP Reverb G2. The black colour is really black. :slight_smile: And the instruments…a dream.

I can recommend thinking about cooling as well. Because both of my GPUs became hot (85 C/185 F) and slowed down. Also the rest of my hardware got infected, especially with the RTX 3090 inside the case.

Therefore I changed the cooling system. I’m using 7 out blowing fans for the case, 2 of them are blowing out the heat of the watercooled CPU. The heat exchanger is outside.
I have also installed the GPU outside of my case. It has another 3 fans and the installation outside gives me a top temperature around 70 C (158 F)…CPU and GPU.
This avoids micro stuttering. I would like to change the fan cooled gpu to watercooling…but I wait until the guarantee of the gpu will be expired.

I have added some pictures. Perhaps, it helps as well.

Edit: I have problems with heat and performance only with VR. Monitor and other games… no problems.

Good luck and enjoy.


What was your CPU and have you looked at upgrading that too. I ask as I have a 2080ti and a i7700k @4.8GHz. I’m looking at upgrading to an intel 12900k and all associated parts as a temporary alternative to upgrading the 2080ti.

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Do you have a source regarding these planned VR performance improvements? I haven’t heard about this and don’t think they mentioned it in the last Q&A. Thanks!

In the last Q&A (last week) there was a specific VR section. In a previous Q&A (I don’t know which one exactly - could be two or three Q&A’s ago) Jorg mentioned they were hiring people for VR. It seems the first thing they are dealing with is to implement the use of controlers (which is also on top of the VR wish list). That is what was mentioned last time. He also stated a long time ago the VR would be the future (and showed his G2 on camera).

The ambitions of the team are very high and my take is that they are still looking into ways of prioritizing and dealing with all these ambitions/improvements. It is a complex puzzle: there is the core sim, the Bing world integration, live weather integration, multiplayer, the community add-ons, the developers, X-Box and PC platform (the latter with all the complexity of different hardware), etc. And then there is VR too. The sim is pushing hardware limits and in many ways very different from a “sandboxed” game like GTA or any other FPS.

Again I’m sure VR is (high) on the list and improvements will come, but we need to be patient. One thing became clear over the last year is that they shouldn’t rush things out of the door.

a 3070 to 3080ti is a significant gpu upgrade, if its not too expensive i would do it. gpu is king when it comes to msfs at high resolutions.

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OK, all of that is true but you didn’t mention any statement about VR performance improvements, which was what your original statement, and my subsequent question, was about…?

I don’t think they have been very specific about performance improvements in terms of more FPS (I assume that is what you mean). They did say that they were working on continuous improvements in memory usage and CPU/GPU load. SU5 was a major step that also came from the improvements they made for the X-Box. In that discussion I remember they also said (I think it was Seb who said it) that some of those improvements would translate in more features/details. Also note that improvements come from OXR/WMR and driver improvements from AMD and Nvidia. The latest OXR update for instance seems to reduce stutters.

My comment was a reply to the OP though - who was/is contemplating to invest in a faster card (and thinking maybe I’ll wait for things to improve).

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Yeah I meant more FPS since you said “they said they are working on improving VR performance” and that usually means FPS. I guess you didn’t necessarily mean it that way, np

My cpu is a 9900k oc 5.1 but if you can oc your 7700k I think that you are ok. In VR and with 8kx resolution we are gpu botleneck.

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So stutters will be reduced over time ?

I just upgraded from a 3080 to a 3080ti. I wasn’t expecting miracles but since my 3080 was a non-LHR version I can actually sell it for more than the 3080ti cost me so for me it was a no-brainer since I have no interest in mining.

I ran a few tests with the standard a320 landing challenges before the upgrade. I was typically getting ~36fps in on my G2 with resolutions set to 100OXR and 85 in-game, motion reprojection off and a mixture of med/high/ultra settings (I’ve posted actual settings in another thread). With the 3080ti I am now get ~46fps with the same settings in the same landing challenges. Bumping in-game resolution up to 100 and I am still getting over 40 so for me the upgrade was well worth it. YMMV of course.

System is an EVGA 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra, 5900x, 64GB of 3600mhz RAM, x570 mobo and a 2TB 980pro nvme ssd

Suprised to hear this. Just to late. Just bought a system with an 3080.
I watched many reviews if the 3080 versus 3080TI and in these videos there was hardly any improvement. I also saw a system with an 3080TI but is was 500 euros more just for the card. But happy with the 3080.
Such an inprovement!!
Had an 1060/2060/3060/3060TI in the last six months :joy:
The 3080 with the Quest 2 does it for me. Lets wait for the 4000 series.
Flying in VR is amazing. Hopes some more from the latest update but that was a bummer.
Happy to hear you booked such good results!!

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That’s the same card I’ve ordered to go with my 12900k. It’s all due to show up this Wednesday. Can’t wait.

How’s the performance?