Upgrading the GPU from RTX3070 to RTX3080Ti for better performance?

Hi Guys,
So i am running a i5-10400f with a RTX3070 + 32GB Ram and a SSD and think about upgrading to a RTX3080Ti. Reason: I could sell my 3070 with 200EUR marge and invest about 500EUR into the RTX3080ti.
But i will be only for this Flight Sim for VR; All other games on SteamVR run well.
So i am basically skeptical if it is worth to upgrade the GPU for 500EUR.
Because somewhere i was told, that the developers plan to improve the VR performance.
Do you think it´s more worth to upgrade and enjoy more FPS now or to wait for a VR performance upgrade of the Sim?
Thanks for your thoughts.

As someone with a 3080 (the 3080TI is not really any more performance) I would say don’t upgrade just for MSFS. CPU upgrade would do more for performance.

I’m also very curious where you would get a 3080TI for 700 Eur?? especially anytime soon…

Yes, a CPU Upgrade was also on my mind. And other games would benefit too.
Here in europe you can get a RTX3080ti for 1630EUR, i Could sell my RTX3070 for 1100 (Bought it for 900)

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Ah got you. That same 500 you’re willing to spend would get you a much better CPU, and cooler if needed.

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I’d get the CPU first. Your GPU is fine. I’m running a 3090 which is overkill as we all know, but I’ve got a Ryzen 9 CPU with it. A lot of people have issues with CPU bottlenecks when they have top end GPUs, so that’s your best bet if you ask me.


There’s a modest but noticeable performance increase between 3070 and 3080, but almost nothing between 3080 and 3090 for the gaming I do. (I use both 3080 and 3090)

Are there 3080s available where you are? Maybe save a little more money instead of the TI version and pop the savings into a CPU update as others suggested?

Upgrading now? When the MSFS is implemented more (downgrade AA, LOD, Cloud, etc ) for xbox? Whe {PC user} dont know about the project in the future. In my opinion it is better to wait.

The answer depends on whether you are mostly CPU or GPU bound in VR, with the latter being more likely the higher the resolution you feed to your VR headset. For example, I run an i9 with a 3080 on a Reverb G2 at 3Kx3K per eye and a 50/50 mix of ultra/high settings and I am GPU limited by a long shot.

I suggest you turn on Developer Mode in FS2020 and report back whether you are mostly CPU (primarily main thread) or GPU limited while in VR and doing the type of flying you normally do.

Definitely wait for Asobo to upgrade the sim. VR is desperately in need of some love by Asobo and Microsoft. People really shouldn’t have to go around emptying their bank accounts to gain a few extra precious FPS for VR. Asobo have a bit of a duty at this point to put some man hours into optimising it properly.


Will check today evening and revert

I uprgraded 3070 to 3080 (non-ti) recently, 3070 sold for £900 and purchased 3080 at £1050. Compared to current market I was satisfied with this, ti would have cost about additional £200 hence I went with non-ti.

I run a an AMD 5800x, with 3070 I was GPU bound, 3080 I sit in CPU / GPU sweatspot veering more towards CPU bound - GPU utilisation always above 90% and often 95-100%. I upgraded 3700x to 5800x to fully use the 3070, the 3700x was CPU bound.

I’m not an intel user so don’t know how well your i5-10400f will utilise the 3080ti.

In my experience the 3080 makes a noticeable improvement over 3070, I experience better smoothness at higher settings, the smoothness is the most important for me. Whether ti is worh it over non-ti I’m not sure, I suppose more is better :slight_smile:

The above applies to VR, using my 1440 monitor the 3070 was all I needed and would not have warranted an upgrade.

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I upgraded from an MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio to EVGA 3080ti and noticed a difference in DCS and MSFS 2020. It wasn’t a huge difference but is noticeable. As far as the performance boost for the cost? My upgrade probably wasn’t worth it to most people.

I went from a 3070 via an AMD 6900XT to a 3090. I would’ve never done it for just playing in pancake mode. But for VR the difference is quite large (the 3080Ti and the 3090 are almost the same). I would definitely do it. GPU prices don’t seem to get better soon. I read you’re also planning to upgrade the CPU. I recommend doing that also. Yes, Asobo and Microsoft are working on improving VR performance but they will also introduce new features that will use some of that headroom.

Wondering the same question! I fly exclusively in VR and wanted to ask what would be a good upgrade. CPU or GPU

I have a 3070 FE paired with i7 -6700K (4 cores, 8 threads @ 4.5Ghtz) 32 GB, NMVE drive

appreciate any advice! Thanks

I upgraded a couple a months ago from
I7 7700K@5Ghz to 11900K and it is so much smoother now.
I had 3080 and 32Gb ram since earlier and only fly in VR Reverb G2.

Well, I sold my 2080ti 2 months ago for 800 euros and bought a 3080ti for 1299 euros. Much more performance in DCS and Msfs.

Hey ResetXPDR
Today my new cable (v2) arrived and no disconnect´s so far :smiley:
Took this screenshot and mainly i am limited by mainthread (PC)

So i really think seriously about at CPU upgrade instead of a GPU upgrade

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Fastest card for MSFS atm is Asus 6900XT LC (liquid cooled)

I agree that looking at that result, you would benefit from a CPU upgrade, but not too much to be honest as your next limiting factor on performance is your GPU which is only a few milliseconds quicker on frame time. That is, if you are getting 29.4 FPS now limited by a 34.1ms mainthread, then you could probably expect a boost to around 32 FPS (derived from the GPU frametime of 31.3ms) if you remove the CPU bottleneck by upgrading the CPU. That’s roughly a 9% performance improvement, which is OK but I personally would not spend hundreds of Euros/Dollars for such a small improvement.

As has already been suggested, you are probably better off waiting to see what happens with VR performance in the next couple of sim updates, as Asobo has indicated they may start tweaking VR.

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Depends on what resolution you play at. 3070 is optimized for 2.5K whereas 3080 is optimized for 4K.

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