Upgrading to deluxe or premium

I’m looking to upgrade to deluxe from standard so I can get access to the 172 without the G1000. All the purchase options are for the full 90 dollar product again. Surely I wouldn’t have to purchase the game twice just to get access to a couple more aircraft right?


You thought wrong ;-), but that is correct, you pay again for the additional aircraft and airports. Annoyingly can’t just buy the aircraft you want. You need to another full price.

That’s completely ridiculous! Is there any plans on allowing an upgrade path in the future? This is entirely unfair to the consumer and utterly ludicrous

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No you don’t have to purchase the game twice. That is why it is called an upgrade. Unfortunately the price for the premium deluxe is about double of the standard edition. That is why the investment is euqal to purchasing the standard version twice.
I don’t see how this is unfair, as those who puchased premium deluxe edition right away also payed around twice of what the price of the standard edition is.


The deluxe edition at lanch was $90 USD, the standard was $60 USD, it didnt cost double the price at all? where are you getting that from?

To purchase an “”“upgrade”"" from the store its an additional $80 which is literally just the cost of the original game plus an additional $20 for what, 6 aircraft and some airports?

If im understanding correctly, people that made the mistake of purchasing standard will have to pay $140 dollars have access to deluxe content, and $155 for access to premium.

Well yes, if you only research half of the facts, it may look confusing.

People paid around 120 bucks for the Premium Deluxe. Which is pretty much exactly 2 times the price for the Standard edition.
Since I paid my 120 for the Premium Deluxe, you will now have to pay the difference between Standard and Premium Deluxe (so there is another 60 for you) plus a bit more. Why more? Because the incentive for people to purchase the Premium Deluxe right from the start is to save that additionl fee. Think of buying several DLCs or getting them as a bundle with a discount. There is nothing unfair with this.


60 standard
90 deluxe
120 premium

these were the prices of the original product at launch.

if you were to get deluxe at launch you would have access to it for only 30 dollars. 90 dollars spent total.

if you purchase standard at launch you have spent 60 dollars. in order to upgrade to deluxe you spend an addition 80 dollars

You have now spent 140 dollars to purchase something that could have been purchased for 90 dollars. Thats an additional 50 dollars spent as a punishment for not having the hype and enthusiasm for the product as it was advertised.

This is an unfair practice and I believe it to be entirely predatory. The standard package has no aircraft equipped with steam gauges that are capable of handling full approaches in IFR. The closest thing would be the 152, but the DME is nonfunctioning in the sim which makes performing any approach impossible. What a coincidence then that the product that would be most useful to someone wanting that experience (which is to say nearly every flight school student) is locked behind a gate that will cost you an 80 dollars once you see that you can’t get that experience anywhere else.


dude, yeah i understand. I thought the same until I went around looking at the other flight sims. But flight sims are on another different level. People actually buy (without complaining) additional planes and whatnot for upwards of a 100$ for a single plane!

The real market for flight sims are those who can actually afford the add-ons (high income/education/occupational segment).

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In fact, Jon Peddie Research expects more than 2 billion spent in pc upgrades directly linked to MSFS in the next couple of years. People who “play” this can afford the upgrades and paying the money for a better experience.

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It’s the free market dude.

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yea well im confused too… i didnt buy it just signed up for game pass and got standard… they sent me an ad saying i can get the whole upgrade for $100… if that offer is assuming i bought standard for $60 that means microsoft wants to charge me $160 for what i can get from steam for $120… shakin my head…lol

If you like it then guess Steam would be the way to go.

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yea im just waitin for m to work out the major bugs and see what the 3rd party guys will offer for scenery and planes… figure $11 not bad to give me 3 months to decide what version to get…

Yes for a lot , I mean a lot of people this is not a game. More a hobby and as any hobby people will spend what they can afford. Some people have deep deep pockets. Me not so deep lol

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Good plan, I got a refund and am waiting to see how the updates are handled before I decide to re purchase and what version to buy.

80 Dollars or even 100 is still a bargain for 10 additional airports (and 10 additional aircraft of meh-quality). You are correct, this is a lot of money. Unfortunately this is still cheap in the flight simming realms…


a symptom of the system.

you can upgrade from the marketplace within the sim or windows store, not sure about the windows store but i saw it before launch

$25 extra dollars to go from Standard to premium Deluxe : $145 ttl NOW vs $120 then.

Meh - for $85, $25 diff, I did it, because 1) MSFS is a blast, and 2) IMO there is something weird about the prices across the board in Marketplace, and wanted that upgrade before they realized the Premium Deluxe upgrade is cheaper than the Deluxe.

Maybe could have waited for a sale or something, but why wait? I can enjoy it now.

where can i find the fs2020 on my computer? Thank you