Upgrading to i5 12600k from i5 9600k worth it?

Hey guys,

Im currently running:

i5 9600k stable OC at 4,8 ghz all core
RTX 3070
32gb DDR 4 ram

Sim is stable on 1440p on high/ultra settings. Running good. Even in VR with Nis scaler at 80% around 30fps.

Im thinking about going for a new Mainboard together with an i5 12600k which seems to bring about 40% more performance over the 9600k in synthetic benchmarks.

Would it be worth it?

Im waiting on AI fixes, when i run the sim with AIG and lots of traffic on big airports in mainthread limited. Got some stutters here and there on big airports.

Dont want to spend money on DDR5 since its too expensive and benchmarks by now dont show any significant impact to gaming performance. Would go with my DDR4 ram.

Thanks for your thoughts.


To be short, yes, definitely…

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specs look way better

You’d be better off upgrading your gpu.


that helped.

Yeah GPU crisis. Going from 3070 to 3080 doenst make sense since there are no cards available.

In the eu & uk you can get 3080ti’s fe and 3090s fe at msrp quite easily using Telegram alerts, I did so. 3080s do come up but are rarer and sell out much faster using same method.

MSFS Is still CPU intensive, not GPU intensive.
Only when playing on higher resolutions you’ll benefit from a faster GPU.
The higher the single core performance of a CPU, the better MSFS will run.
But, better implementation of DirectX 12 will change this on the long run…

And with DLSS coming an upgraded CPU is not so necessary as it might have been before the latest announcement of the road map.

DLSS hammers the CPU too, it really is intensive on the CPU… which is a misunderstanding a lot of people have, if CPU is weak, then DLSS will have a bad time.

If you have the dollar, get a 12700k, the extra L3 cache will be noticeable.

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performance chart…


Interesting YT here:

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msfs hammers the gpu much more than cpu, we do use high resolutions as vr users. G2 users for example are rendering 2 2k screens at once. My old 5 yr old 7700k @ 4.5ghz copes with msfs, when playing it never goes over 70% useage. But my gpu is at 98-100%. Look at developer options, i bet youre “Limited by gpu” mainly. I am, with a 3080ti oc’d.

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In my case it maybe right, I’m not using VR nor higher resolutions than 1080p. 21:9 LG ultra wide monitor
I don’t experience any frame drops or stutters on my rig ( Ryzen 5 5600, 32GB 3200, Radeon RX5600XT) All is well balanced with a solid 30fps on ultra.

How are your stutters in flat earth 2d? I just upgraded from 2600k 4.8ghz (almost the same than your in IPC and performance). I did some small flights this weekend, and now (almost?) I do not have stutters, the problem was that I did not fly with the 3080ti+2600k, yes with the former 2080ti, and it was a stutter festival in complex airport like LEMD-EDDF, now, it is incredible smooth, almost any noticeable stutter, all incredible smooth, in 2d, I am not tried in VR still. I have been waiting for to build a custom watercool system, and I am still waiting for all pieces maybe a month more.

Sorry but i don’t know as i never fly in 2D.

What about 8700k (4.8ghz all core) to 12700k,even though I’m usually GPU limited in VR? Stil beneficial?

The I7 8700k isn’t very fast in single core performance compared to the 12700K, so the latter is a way better option ( if you have the money for it)
The higher the single core performance , the better MSFS will run…

I would buy one right now if i wasnt worried that it wouldnt help too much since im already GPU limited. So my plan is to wait for thr next GPUs and upgrade everything then, by which time there’ll be new CPUs too.

Currently running the following:

  • CPU Intel Core i7-9700KF o/c to 5.1 all cores all the time
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 2080Ti o/c +150core +1000mem
  • RAM 32GB DDR4 RAM o/c to 4000mhz
  • SSD Corsair Force NVMe PCIe M.2 2TB dedicated for MSFS
  • Well ventilated case to keep all the above components cool, idle around 35 max temp under load is 75.

Last core on userbenchmark below, to see how it compares.

I have considered with my quest 2 whether I should upgrade GPU and or CPU but I’ve now got it dialled in which gives clear and smooth performance. I have also spent a lot of time tweaking my system to get the best performance I can out of it and chasing things now will mean more testing than flying again which I’ve got fed up with! The other question was whether to upgrade to the reverb g2. I think the current set up gives a good overall capable machine for the vr headset I’m using.

Just to note that worth is subjective, looking at the CPU benchmarks you do get some improvement but actually that’s pretty limited considering I may get 10% fps more am I going to actually really reap any real reward from that upgrade. You are as strong as your weakest component so trying to get that balance is key.


Hi, I’m in the same scenario. Same CPU / overclock but a 3800FE.
Did you upgrade, and did you see any discernable difference with a 12600k?