Uphill Climb Achievement

Who do I gotta suck up to in order to get this achievement checked? I’ve landed at LFLJ so many times I’m safe and qualified to do it in real life, but still nothing.

I set assists to “Real to Life”, I’ve taken off and landed there, I’ve gone to another (very close) airport and done a (very short) cross country, including using ATC properly, and pulling into the parking space the marshal wants me in, and still… nothing.

I’m not usually big to caring about achievements, but being a real life pilot and multi-decade simmer I figure if there’s any “game” I can get them all in, it’s this one, but not if the game itself is going to cheat me out of legit earned achievements. (Like it’s done by deleting my logbook at least 3 times, I would be at the 1,000 hour mark by now save that little problem.)

So what am I missing that the sim is looking for? Ideas??

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Using a standard aircraft and standard livery? Not using developer mode? Those two pop up as likely suspects.

@MortThe2nd, very good question. No, in fact I’ve been using the Turbo Bonanza, which is a mod from flightsim.to. Let me turn that off and give it another shot.

Try doing it through the landing challenge? I know that I’ve had many issues with trying to get the achievements to unlock, especially when flying in the open world. The landing challenges seem to be much more reliable at unlocking landing related achievements.

Well, flying the stock Bonanza didn’t help, so maybe I’ll try the landing challenge. But now I’m ready for a little A32NX action, I’m think KPHX-KRNO.

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The new French landing challenge rewarded me the Uphill Climb and On the Green achievements at the same time, so maybe try that one.

@Sal1800, I tried that and it worked perfectly! And I didn’t even score on the challenge, it kept saying “You did not land on the right runway”, even though I did. But thanks, I’ve spent months chasing both of those challenges, and I landed uphill so many times, and ditto for on grass, I have zero clue why I never got them before, but they’re checked off now!!


Yay! I’m off to try that. Same as you, Courchevel, Boogaloo (Bugalala), til I’m blue in the face. Tried all the small aircraft, no joy. Wonder if a helicopter counts?

Happy camper! The French challenge awarded the Uphill Climb challenge. I did about 4 landings (bounces, that is) and it triggered. On one of the previous landings, I let it go to far and fell off (literally) the end of the runway, recovered on the way down, circled back, landed again and it complained that I didn’t land on the ‘Designated Runway’ :laughing:. LMAO!

If you are sure it’s the designated runway, perhaps you have an addon scene installed for this place. Try with the scenery deactivated.

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Yup, it was the designated runway, probably just not far enough up the hill when I stopped. I stopped as soon as possible to avoid running off the end of the runway again. I think the achievement wants you to stop at or near the top of the runway to register. That’s what I did on the next attempt and it worked. Pilots who fly onto that ‘altisurface’ are serious people. I can only assume that it’s reason for existence is due to the 19th century Basilica 2 km to the NE.

@PlumbGlue67, it did the same for me, and I don’t have any addon scenery for that spot in the middle of nowhere. It IS a beautiful middle of nowhere, though. I never got a score on the challenge, I just wanted the achievements.

I usually don’t give a rip about achievements, but of all the “games” on the planet, if there is ONE I can get them all for (and play long enough to do it), it’s this one. The 1,000 hour one has been a pain, but only because my logbook keeps resetting. I’d already have it had that not happened like 3 times. I also don’t really care about logbooks except for that single reason. And the “refly this flight” option (or whatever it says) is cool, too, especially for super interesting flights, but I keep forgetting it’s there.

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Agreed, 100%. Some of those ‘achievements’ are silly, IMHO. Can’t understand why I would want to hijack another aircraft’s flight plan and then fly it. A lot of the achievements are just naturally attained by flying, but some do point out interesting places to go. I’m not a fan of flying in the stratosphere for 14 hours, so I’ll never attain those. I’m still workin’ on creating a bush trip following the Oregon Trail, LOL!

@trashmon49, I haven’t tried any of the bush trips, I don’t even know what they’re all about. But I recently got an absolute buttload of new (and amazing) bush planes, so it may be something I want to do soon. The Oregon Trail one sounds, cool, please let me know when you have it.

I’m not going to sit here and go through every single plane I got, BUT, I have a database built that includes ALL of them, including links on where to get them, and their avionic upgrades (if any). You you can find it in the aircraft-database channel of my Discord Server here.

Just let me know if you have any questions, or are new to Discord, or whatever. I am, too, but I know enough to help you find my server and download that file, so that’s at least enough lol!

You really want this file, I’ve got some badass planes. If you have some that aren’t there, let me know that, too, and I’ll add them.

Tag me over there after you join, I want to know when I get new members! It’s still a fledgling channel, but it’s been growing, so we’ll see how that goes.

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You just added to my definition of ‘buttload’, LOL! The spreadsheet is gonna come in handy, I love trying planes that I’ve never flown before and crashing them in a high speed, uncontrolled way! Later, man!

Ciao. I’m gonna try to do some flying, talk to you later…


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