Upper winds and pressure inaccurate and erratic

I’m experiencing a lot lately in my time flying over Northern Europe with Live Weather , that when cruising up at higher altitudes, the upper winds are often inaccurate compared to what they should be. This can be both in speed and direction, where I’ve observed the wind direction being off by 100+ degrees.

I’ve also experienced where the weather seems to update in flight, and the winds become accurate again, sometimes they stay accurate and sometimes a few seconds later it reverts straight back. Also when this happens the pressure seems to change also as I usually either gain or lose a few hundred feet in altitude.

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately?

Here is an example of a weather update, demonstrating the above.

It is not only on the upper levels. Norther Germany had major storms according to MSFS while with 40 knots of wind, while real live internet METARs were talking about 7kn at most

I also have a problem with winds aloft being very wrong. I know forecasts are not accurate but my charts show a jetstream over Europe from north to south with winds as strong as 100 knots at FL300.

In my flight I had winds from south to north with 20 to 40 knots - so extremely different. After flying half an hour the winds suddenly turned to be more accurate to the forecast.

Maybe the problem is in the blending from one forecast to another, timely? I started at 1700Z and the winds were off. My forecast was for 1800Z and the winds were suddenly accurate since 1730Z.

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