Upstate NY anyone?

Looking for others looking to fly upstate NY. Maybe some Adirondack bush flights?


Into SLK maybe?

Absolutely. Been doing some flights from Saratoga to there.

I saw you on the map today! I’m local to ALB area and have been flying around there and up Lake George. Such a beautiful area!

Added you on Xbox app

I live right under the SYR glidepath, need to do some more local flights

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Let’s get out there. I fly from Saratoga to Syracuse a bit.

Has anyone flown in to/out of KGFL and been saddened by the complete lack of buildings in MSFS? I was upset enough by this to launch the SDK and add some generic buildings :slight_smile: I posted a download on the forums if you’d like to see buildings there as well :smiley:

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Anyone up for some flights tonight? Took a nice cruise over Sacandaga this morning it was great.

I’m over in Cali, around 4PM PST?

That should work! We would have to just switch servers.

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I personally love the C172, so if we could do a flight with that, it would be great

Yea, prop planes through some mountains and lakes sounds fun!

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CYUL here, and frequent flyer to / over SLK, KPBG, KBTV.
Would love to join, depending on whether my kids simmer down by that time, lol. My usual plane is the 172, but I could also take the A5, especially to land on the lakes there.

I have a newborn so I know the drill. I’ll add your gamer tag

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haha. good luck! :slight_smile:

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I am in the upstate NY area and would like to find some people to fly with.

Even though I live in Southern Illinois now, I’m originally from the Utica/ Rome area (grew up in West Winfield), I still have family that live in the area, would this allow me to fly with everyone?