Upstate NY anyone?

Looking for others looking to fly upstate NY. Maybe some Adirondack bush flights?


Into SLK maybe?

Absolutely. Been doing some flights from Saratoga to there.

I saw you on the map today! I’m local to ALB area and have been flying around there and up Lake George. Such a beautiful area!

Added you on Xbox app

I live right under the SYR glidepath, need to do some more local flights

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Let’s get out there. I fly from Saratoga to Syracuse a bit.

Has anyone flown in to/out of KGFL and been saddened by the complete lack of buildings in MSFS? I was upset enough by this to launch the SDK and add some generic buildings :slight_smile: I posted a download on the forums if you’d like to see buildings there as well :smiley:

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Anyone up for some flights tonight? Took a nice cruise over Sacandaga this morning it was great.

I’m over in Cali, around 4PM PST?

That should work! We would have to just switch servers.

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I personally love the C172, so if we could do a flight with that, it would be great

Yea, prop planes through some mountains and lakes sounds fun!

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CYUL here, and frequent flyer to / over SLK, KPBG, KBTV.
Would love to join, depending on whether my kids simmer down by that time, lol. My usual plane is the 172, but I could also take the A5, especially to land on the lakes there.

I have a newborn so I know the drill. I’ll add your gamer tag

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haha. good luck! :slight_smile:

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I am in the upstate NY area and would like to find some people to fly with.

Even though I live in Southern Illinois now, I’m originally from the Utica/ Rome area (grew up in West Winfield), I still have family that live in the area, would this allow me to fly with everyone?

Boonville Airpark 1NK7 is actually on the MSFS map and is a good starting point for the Southwestern ADKs. Old Forge is not on the map, but it is there. Someone actually cleaned up the runway in scenery on

I was born and raised in Holland Patent, NY…sure you have heard of it, but just in case you haven’t it is about 10 minutes north of Utica, NY.

I’ll do some flying with you, just hit me up!