US Airfields of the Vietnam War (TxFri)

Texas Props Capetown to Catalina 65 US Airfields of the Vietnam War (TxFri)

Apr 12th, 19:00-22:00PM,(GMT-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) 00:00 UTC

Voice Communications: TexasPropsCrews Discord Server

Server : South-East Asia

Settings : All Players, No Traffic, Live Weather, Game time 09:00AM Local

Plane: L-39, (VOR capable Jet), or equivalent. We need 300 kt for today, for a total of 572 NM.

Departure Airport : Can Tho (VVCN) airport, in Vietnam.

Duration: 2.5 hours – 3.0 hours

How you NAVIGATE is totally up to YOU! Today we go from VVCN – VVTS – VVPR – VVCR – VVTH - Qui Nhon – VVPC – VVPK – Kontum - VVCA – Da Nang East - VVDN. I give you NO MSFS FLIGHT PLAN, that you can just load and run. We will navigate using only VORs, and feel free to join me in that, or fly your own thing. You can make it as REAL as you WANT it to be! And LIVE WEATHER is ALWAYS encouraged.

Welcome to the Texas Props Capetown to Catalina Series. We started near the bottom of the earth, in South Africa, and are traveling all the way to near the top of the world, in Alaska, and then back down into our USA homeland. We will be ending in a trip to Santa Catalina Island. There will be discoveries of hidden gems inside Flight Sim. Animals are waiting to be discovered. New countries are calling out to us to fly over and into. And yes, we WILL incorporate lots of aircraft into this WORLDWIDE adventure. And even JETS will be used in certain situations. I know, there’s no PROP, but sometimes we just gotta go FAST! Have you flown a COPTER yet? We WILL, I can assure you. Sometimes we just gotta go SLOW, too!