US Eastern Time Zone - Looking for Others to Fly

US Eastern Time Zone, located in Indiana and looking for others to fly with. I personally prefer single engine small aircraft (Cessna 172, 152 or Diamond DV-20). I am sill working to improve my flight skills (I have some real flight time from 10 years ago, but have a lot of work to do to get current).

Add me on discord and I can dm you as soon as able. Id: Nairyhutsack#1490

I’m in Florida and retired, can fly almost any time, feel free to add me.
Discord = Scoopist (SK)
MSFS = Tavares20#6723

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Always looking for new people to fly with. I’m in NC and usually fly smaller aircraft around eastern USA. Gamertag is Aviator42 if you want to add me. I also use discord when needed.

How to get added to multi player? I fly sotheast single prop mostly. I hae not yet figured out how to use discord

Sure. Would love to fly with you.

Hey! I recently started the Atlantic Coast Virtual Flying Club! I am looking to add members who are aviation enthusiasts, and Flight Sim Hobbyists like me. We are based on the East Coast of the US, but would welcome new members from anywhere. I figure if I can get this going, we can have a group of like minded folk who can fly together, and do events together. Anyway, if your interested, Ill leave some info below. There are too many of us here on the East Coast not to come together to have fun in flight sim!

Discord - https: // discord. gg/ cCCFPEhF8u

Facebook - face book. com / groups / 489376079938687

The group is still new, and Im looking for folks to help me with it if your interested.