US National Parks Group VFR Tour - Grand Canyon!

Hey there!

All are invited to join in on a casual VFR group flight through the entirety of the Grand Canyon from the Glen Canyon Dam to the Hoover Dam. All aircraft are welcome, though I’ll be flying the Savage Carbon mod which can be found here (and is an excellent choice for any backcountry flying).

Though I’ll likely stay only slightly below canyon rim, I recommend you choose to fly in something that you’re comfortable ascending and descending and weaving in and out of desert canyons if you want to make the most of this trip down the mighty Colorado River.

Cruising at around 110 knots (+/- about 10kts), the trip should take roughly 2 and a half hours, but may be slightly longer if you follow every twist and turn in the river.

No flight plan needed as this is strictly VFR, but we’ll begin at Paige Municipal Airport (KPGA) and end at Boulder City Municipal Airport (KBVU). If you get lost, just descend the canyon until you find the river, and follow it downstream (generally west)!

Here’s the recommended settings and info you’ll need to join on the day of:
Server: East USA
Multiplayer: All
Weather: Your choice (clear skies or few clouds suggested, remember this is VFR!)
Time: Your choice (I’ll be setting my time to about 7:15am local time in Paige for best lighting throughout the flight)
Airports: KPGA (start) and KBVU (end)

If there’s enough interest and participation, I’d love to do this for other National Parks as well in the future.

Wheels up at 2:30pm EST (19:30 UTC), see you there!

Note: My username in game is ProCamper96. Can’t figure out how to change my username here to match. Also, I don’t have a discord or twitch (it’s a little too hard on my system to run much more than the game itself while playing), but feel free to set up a channel so y’all can talk!


Sounds fun! I’m in. See you there.

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Would be nice to get a channel in MSFS discord maybe?
There are several Flight channels that are usually available

I think I may be able to run discord on my tablet separately and make it work that way. Let’s try and aim for the Flight 01 Channel on MSFS discord if it’s open then - if not, I’ll post an update here.

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I’m new at this but I’m excited to join this event.
I’m having trouble finding Flight 01 (or any other number) on MSFS Discord server. Can anyone help?

Hey there, let’s go to Flight 05!

You can find it by going to this link, and then scrolling down on the side to the multiplayer section and clicking on Flight 05. You may have to “react” to a post in the info or rules section on the server first to be granted access.

Yes, it looks like when you first join the server, in the #important-info section, you must react to the message at the bottom to be granted access, and then you should be able to scroll to other chat rooms. See you there, I’ve just spawned in the parking at the airport!

Cool. Thanks for the help. See you in Page, AZ.

Thanks for the flight yesterday!

Yes, thanks for a great flight, everyone! I’m thinking Glacier National Park and maybe a bit of the surrounding area will be next, and will likely be a bit shorter, perhaps with some landings thrown in to spice things up. Let me know if there are parks you’d like to explore!

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