USAFNukems King Air Liveries

Had a request for a RAF King Air, so this is what I came up with.



The livery package has been updated with the model.cfg file and folder so that it works with the latest update.

Hi nukem! Love your king air liveries. Is it possible the king air can be painted in private livery eg white with blue stripes etc all the liveries seem to have air force,airline, company name etc I saw some pics of private liveried king airs so I was wondering if some can be painted like that pretty please ?thanks ! here’s a good example: 0151684|690x322

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Oh I think that is possible. Give me a few day as I’m finishing up another project.

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Thanks very much! You’re the man! The pic i attached is one of them. Jetphotos .net has some really good simple examples. That red/ green striped one was featured in a real life king air 350 video many years ago, flying to aspen telluride. Looking forward to it as many of us really don’t like airliner or airforce themes. Thanks again!!:grinning:

Just want to make sure this is what you had in mind for the colors? Don’t look at the engine nacelle colors as I haven’t done them yet. just the one side of the aircraft so far.


Yesss! Thats PERFECT!!! At long last, a king air in private livery!! The colors are beautiful :heart_eyes:! Nukem, please carry on, I really appreciate! Thank you thank you thank you. Let me know when done so I can open the hangar doors and hire a copilot ! Lol! No pressure, if you have time to do the red green realife one as well that would be splendid! Let me know when u ready. So excited! Well done!!

The latest birds completed for SamplingSeven10… I’ll let him enjoy them for a bit before getting his approval to see about releasing them for everyone else’s enjoyment.


A special request that was done for a Tottenham Hotspur’s FC fan.


Here is a new Livery of the Alaska State Troopers King Air 350i.

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Hey great paints! Any chance you could do the matte grey C-12 that says United States of America on the top, the MC-12 Liberty or the blue Navy one off TC-12?

Welcome, are you talking about these two aircraft?


Yeah the top MC-12 which I love, obviously fictional without the sensors and cameras. There’s a plain grey BE20 and a specially painted blue Navy one as well.

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One new creation today, Thanks to WINDR31 for the inspiration on this one… one more to go.

Beechcraft King Air US Navy 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation


Fictional repaint of a MC-12V Super King Air from the US Army


Awsome job

Can u make some for the a320?

Possibly, I’ve done one A320 livery

Hi USAFNukem. I am looking for somoene make a custom fictional king air repaint. This would be paid work, and might have some back and forth as the design gets fine tuned. Is this something you would be interested in?

I love how you’ve made a much better job than the guys painting the real plane … Look at the sloppy rudder stripes. :slight_smile:

I love the late '30s US Navy colors. Either this style (circa 1941) or the previous ones, with very colourful bands (and yellow top wings) over unpainted metal.

Both wonderful liveries, well done.