USB Freeze issue FS2020 Update USB drivers

Well. I have been getting random freezing / pauses of a minute or more since update 5. After some trouble shooting on my system it appears to be related to USB issues. Not USB controllers. The SIM would lock up at various times during a flight with different aircraft. It would not crash. Just freeze. Then a few minutes later it would continue working properly. Then I had one of my external USB drives (unaffiliated with FS2020) disconnect. Then FS2020 froze. So I did some testing. Disconnecting various USB devices and every time FS2020 would freeze.

So I decided to troubleshoot the USB issue. I disabled all power management options under the USB hubs NOT to allow Windows 10 to turn them off ever. I was also able to update my USB driver via the Windows 10 optional updates section.

So now after a week and hours of flying not one pause or freeze. Tried multiple aircraft in long and short flights.

Everything is working great again. Hope this helps someone else.

This issue was fixed but now it is back since SU6

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When plugging in my iPad simply to charge it using a powered USB hub, MSFS 2020 freezes- it does not crash, and I have to quit using the task manager. Basically, I have to be careful plugging anything in USB or removing USB from my computer anytime a session of MSFS 2020 is running.

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Win 11

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Could @heinzpilot recommendations help ?
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Almost 3 years later and this bug is still present … words escape me!

as long as the Xbox users are happy, they don’t really care.

I think it is more, as long as X-Box user keep PURCHASING from the MS-Store, they are happy, but even for X-box users having issues (and many do, many don’t), the don’t really seem to care.

As long as the $$$'s keep rolling in … which is at the end of the day, what their Business is all about.