Usb GNS430

Hi Builders,

This USB was used with a pluging with XP 11. It would nice, to use it now with MSFS, but it’s only detected as usb composite device. I have bo clue how to change it. Nice would be as button-box oder joystick.

Any idears?

You could try MobiFlight (free), they have a very active Discord channel

The device is not recognised, by these tools. I tried it with and Lorby aao and mobiflight. The X-Plane commands seems to be assigned internaly to the buttons.

i assume you can take off the board from the back. connect a arduino mega instead and use it with mobiflight. you can also try with a smaller arduino like the pro micro. but then you will need a multiplexer.

So the mega embed 2560 is probably your most convenient option

Here is the backside and the controller

Ok. I mean you can test with a multi meter whether all buttons and encoder pins end up on the board socket. you need 21 connections. i would not expect that buttons are multiplexed. but i am not sure if the teensy3.2 has that many pins. I will have to check that.

So if you can confirm that then you can simply connect an arduino that is supported by mobiflight and assign all functions to the different buttons and encoders.

it has 23 plus the ones on the back so i think this should work. Unfortunately I have not ported Mobiflight to the Teensy Board platform yet. But the embed Mega are 12$.

Which Arduino should I buy?

they are called Arduino Mega Pro Mini 2560

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Likes this one ?

Yes. What a pity that they got quite expensive during the last year. I remember when arduinos were like 13€.

Tell me about it. A while back, I was getting 3 packs of Nanos on for $15 Cdn. Now they’re $15 Cdn EACH for the same ones from the same seller, or $40 for a 3 pack.