Use an old keyboard as control device (need advices)

I made stickers for this old keyboard

For the moment all the buttons are the same as a regular keyboard but I would like to make my computer think it’s not a keyboard so I can still use my main keyboard (I don’t know how to do that yet)

I will try to improve the concept

nice way to continue to use what some might throw away too quickly as electric trash

That’s neat. If you plug both keyboards in, do you see two keyboards listed in Flight Simulator under controls?

Just one and that’s the problem

I have moved your topic out of #community:marketplace as this sub-category is for the in-game Marketplace.
Thank you!

To use the keys of a second keyboard as a buttons joystick, you need three pieces of software (all free) : vJoy, UCR and Interception.
And a little bit of reading to make it all work :wink:

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Thank you !!!

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