Use Community Screenshots for Loading Screen


I have a little proposal.
The community is producing wonderful screenshots every day.

But when you start up MSFS and waiting for the Game to load, all you see is the same screenshot with the Cessna hanging above the skies since Game start.

What about using the best screenshots from users and integrating them in a changing loading screen? Every time you start up and see the loading screen you could be happy to see a new screenshot from users around the world.

This is a similiar functionality like the Windows 10 startup sequence.

Yes, that’s an upvote!!

I would like the screenshots to either match the flight location (±200 km from the take-off point), or match the selected aircraft.


Really good additional idea @Artemonim8657

With low priority, but this definitely needs to happen. The community screenshots which are put forward for the newsletters are obvious contenders for starters, provided they match the guidelines and are of high enough quality and/or resolution.

It may be that the current loading screen is a very large image to suit all possible resolutions, but I dare say that many community screenshots are not, in case this could be a factor.

YES PLEASE! This image is boring one.

Yeah it’s been all this time that the subject was created…
Yes me too, I leaned towards that … It’s a shame to leave all these images in a folder, especially in general people do not look at the pictures taken several months ago… In addition I think that the community will be happy to see their pictures appear on their favorite game (at the startup screen and during the loading screens)
<< In addition MSFS could be the first game to do that >> (I think)
GOOD FLY A ALL :call_me_hand: :crazy_face: :call_me_hand:

It’s not difficult to do, but still a bit challenging. I have a scripted setup in place that picks random screenshots from my screenshots folder to be displayed in sim. It goes into your Community folder.

I’m happy to write up the process if folks are interested?

I’m out of town until Sunday, so might be a few days.

Let me know if anyone is interested. It requires some experience with windows batch files, downloading a standalone image converter program, and creating/managing the Community folder structure for the addon.

But also let’s say, Asobo brought some variation in the loading screen since the latest updates. So it is much better than before. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, yes thank you for your message
So it’s very nice of you but I would have preferred Asobo to do it… :smirk:
Because with this process which seems interesting we will no longer be able to see the progress bar or the images of the world updates for example.
What I mean is to have the same boot as now but with user images.
But if you can give me a little video of the intro of the games with your captures to see :smirk:

Hi! Sorry for not being clear. For now at least, the mod I scripted ONLY changes the pictures that are shown when starting a flight, not when starting the sim. In that case, you can still see the progress bars when starting a flight just fine.

Yes I speak for the start screen but suddenly also for all the loading screens…
In any case I thank you for the proposal, but I prefer not to touch the Script or change things in the parameters, which may no longer work after an update of the Sim :smirk:
(Solution: I no longer look at the start screen :smirk:)