Use of a wireless mouse with the x box series x controller

I have just got an X box series X which I am using with a Samsung 4K TV. I have also got the latest standard version of MSFS, but I am having trouble using the menu (changing the settings from “Easy”) with the controller. It seems very difficult or impossible to change the menu settings with the controller alone. Consequently I have ordered a basic Logitech wireless mouse (& mousepad) hoping it will be a lot easier to use on the sofa in conjunction with the controller. Can anyone give me some advice on this please?

Yes the XBOX Series X Supports both mouse and keyboard (however not bluetooth). Would need a wireless mouse with the USB reciever, or plug directly.

They both work in MSFS2020.

Thanks skypilotYTS I thought that was the case. I understand the little USB receiver plugs into the front of the console. I chose wireless because I don’t want a cable draped across the 8 feet of the living room between the sofa and x box. Do you know if many simmers have this setup? - probably a bit basic for many!

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No problem,

I used that same setup (mouse/keyboard with a Razer combiation) and it worked fine for my needs before switching to PC.

Deffinently made navigating around the cockpit much easier.

I have a HOTAS One on a 3m USB extn + a wireless mouse and keybaord (Leadsail) running though a wireless USB dongle on the front of the XBox. FS on XBox with this setup runs really well and behaves more like a PC flight sim experience. 100% better than XBox controller experience IMHO.
HOWEVER: there is an ongoing issue with many FS mouse users encountering mouse cursor freezes, often on the flight planner/ world map but sometimes in the cockpit too. The issue is described in a (now long) thread/post and we are trying to get MS to acknowledge it / fix the issue. It is random in occurance but affects a lot of players using a mouse (wired or wireless). Mouse cursor loss experiences vary from user to user, from those who can’t game at all as it freezes so frequently/quickly, to others like myself who can get 2-3 days gaming in before encountering a cursor freeze.
Good luck with your new setup, but just be forewarned of this known issue. The thread on the whole issue is here if you want to find out more-


That is very encouraging - thanks.

On a more general note I am very new to this forum - just working out how to write posts really - and it is great to get answers so quickly!


Thanks very much for your detailed response - that is very interesting and pertinent. When I get the new mouse in a few days time I will try it out and report back on whether I am also having some of the issues you have mentioned.

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They are random in nature. You may go for days before encountering one or they may start appearing immediately. There is a vast array of experiences from users on this issue. I can just about live with it happening once every 3 days, but I realise that that isn’t everyones experience. Good luck.

It must be annoying even if it only happens every 3 days. Hopefully it won’t be too long before MS fix the problem!
Thanks - the sim is pretty incredible. It will probably be a struggle to learn at times but very satisfying in the long run.

When it is most annoying is on the approach in an airliner after a longish uneventful flight. Right when you need to interact with the AP the most, the mouse can freeze (not always mind you). Now that is annoying, but nowhere near annoying as those that can’t use the mouse at all without getting a freeze. Not sure what’s going on tbh. Others claim that they play other games on XBox with the same setup with no mouse issues at all so it definitely feels like it’s FS that has the issue rather than the XBox o/s itself, but who knows. Other minor mouse annoyances iclude not being able to resize small windows in FS like ATC, or VR Map which can currently only be resized by using the XBox controller. Again no idea why.

Another point to consider is don’t use mouse and XBox controller to do UI with at the same time. I have found that the two can fight each other for UI control and cause frame rate drops and sometimes crashes to dashboard. Best to plan for using mouse/keyboard/Hotas and leaving X controller off most of the time. OR just use X controller on it’s own. I only ever use mine occasionally to control the showcase/drone camera movement or to have somethign to use when the mouse freezes happen.

I am a new simmer and am using the Xbox Series S with a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and the Xbox controller. I am finally getting the hang of it…

Thanks. I now have a Velocity One Flight controller (which is great) and use it with a mouse. So far, I no longer have any problems with the mouse when used in conjunction with my new controller.

Can you intereact with cockpit switches

Yes, that’s the purpose of the mouse.

It doesnt work

If you can expand a little I might be able to help.

There is no interaction with the mouse in the cockpit. It highlights switches but no action when clicking mouse buttons.

Do you have a custom profile for your mouse? If so, switch back to default, I remember this came up back in one of the SU’s were bindings changed.


Dont have mouse profile. Just default