Use of keyboard for avionics instead of knobs


Is there a way to use the keyboard when typing the name of waypoint in avionics instead of using the 3D rotator?

In FSX or P3D (xplane as well I think) when I use the GPS I can use my keyboard to enter the name of waypoint or airport to type my flight plan or make a direct to. I just have to highlight using the cursor and then use the keyboard, it’s quite intuitive and if not a fair representation of the reality it’s easier than fighting with the 3D rotator and the mouse.

For the G3000 it’s not an issue but for all other GPS typing a flight plan with more than three waypoint is rapidly a nightmare…

Editing the flight plan or approach list by turning FMS knobs with the mouse is really a nuisance. Turning knobs in real life may be appropriate for real fingers, but not for a computer mouse. This feature should offer a keyboard access, when pushing the FMS access button on!

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I am hoping you guys can fix the garmin so you can type in the icao like you used to be able to do in fsx.


Keyboard input would be greatly appreciated!

If that’s there and I haven’t figured it out, please let me know!


It would be awesome to be able to use my own keyboard to make FMS/G1000 entries, like I’ve always done with other sims. It’s too time consuming to use the mouse for that.


That functionality is there to some extent anyway, with the G100NXi add on for Working Title. Wish it was as good as the keyboard integration with the Flight 1 G1000 in FSX though. (B200 and Cessna Mustang)

on the other hand - to get a realistic feeling you should use the same knobs/keypad as the airplane.
You can build it for a few bucks using Mobiflight (buy 50 push buttons, 5 rotary controllers, a cheap case and 2 arduinos - should be less than 100 EUR), and you are in a realistic setup

So yeah basically i find it horrible to scroll using the knobs and buttons whilst entering all my waypoints in the Garmin Navs, would it be possible to implement a similar feature to another well known simulator which allows you to enter waypoints and stuff using the keyboard?


Try the G1000 NXi mod (in Marketplace but it’s early-access, though pretty full featured by now), it allows this on planes using the G1000.