Use of Logitech add-ons

**I have a Dell G5 with every bell and whistle imaginable. But when I turn on MSFS, none of the Logitech add ons other than the yoke work. I saw a fleeting warning that there wasn’t enough power. Anyone run into this and have ideas about how to address the power issue?

Thank you**

Are you overclocked?
Other than a bigger power supply for the PC, no.

If these add-ons are connected via USB, I would recommend using an active USB hub with independent power supply.

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Thank you for the reply. They all plug into the base of the yoke and the yoke doesn’t have an independent power supply. How can I get around that?

Not shure, I think especially USB 3.0 Hubs can provide a lot of power. You could set it between PC and yoke. You should also google for USB power.

Powered USB Hub example:

Although there is only one USB plug from the yoke to the computer, you will need to plug that into a powered hub, then the hub into the computer. Also double check the other Logitech peripherals. Some of the displays, etc. have a power jack to allow you to connect a wall wart to power them independent of the computer.

Thank you all for your input. It turns out that the hub I have has two levels. I had plugged everything into a level that has less power. When I moved the plugs to the next level. I stopped receiving the warning.

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I would STRONGLY suggest looking into other power options. Although your MB can supply the needed current through a USB 3.0 port you are putting pretty much max through the USB system. It will work. For a while. But you are setting yourself up for port failure. Better to overwork a $20 powered hub than smoke your MB I/O.

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I also suggest using a usb hub. It really makes a big difference.

Thank you all for your input. I’ve ordered a proper usb hub and should have it by Saturday. We live in a remarkable world.