Use purchased content in the msfs marketplace on steam?

Hello everyone. I had the DVD version and had bought a few things in the marketplace there. I had to reset my laptop and then switched to the steam version. Is it possible to somehow import or synchronize the purchased addons from the marketplace? Or do I have to buy everything again…

I’m happy to be corrected, but I’d have thought if you bought it, you own it, so you can just download it in Content Manager.

Don’t take my word for it though, as I know nothing about Steam.

Yea it should be in content manager as long as you use the same Microsoft account to log in to the game as which you made the purchases with.

all depends.

If the DVD version you had before was the MS Store version, your marketplace purchases will not carry over to the Steam version.

The different store fronts and their separate payment systems prevent this.

Ah sorry I thought the DVD version still uses the same market?

My assumption is that the DVD version is equivalent to the MS Store version.

Yes me too. But unless I’m hugely mistaken I could move from Steam to MS or MS to Steam but my CONTENT is assigned to my MS account after I paid over the Spacebucks Credits (via Steam) for the download rights?

Can confirm - the DVD has a small card which includes an MS Store code.

Unfortunately, that means that any MS Store Marketplace content (including the DVD version) will not transfer to the Steam version

No, sadly not. Likely due to the different storefronts and payment systems, but your marketplace purchases will not carry over between Steam and MS Store versions, even if you’re using the same MS/Xbox account on both.

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@Koelnergrisu77 Can’t you answer your own question by going to the Content Manager and seeing if there is content you can install?

I didn’t think there was any difference between the stores. As a Steam user now when you buy content by going to the Store selecting what you want, then as a steam user you are pushed back to Steam to add credits to your Microsoft/Xbox Account then you can download the content. So long as you are using the same Microsoft/Xbox Account you should keep the content you have bought.

Fingers crossed, sPK

No, you cannot.

OK then. I don’t get why though. I understand for the base product it cannot be cross-store, but the add-ons if you buy from Steam, you are not ACTUALLY buying the item, just credits that you spend on the MS Store side of things with no item-specific receipt. So MS knows what item you have bought. I don’t see why this limitation is in place. Makes no sense.

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