Use the mods

When updating MSFS- I have downloaded a number of mods… or they look to be. Like Alaska flying, etc… How do I access the. Or start them up? I see that I keep them current but have no idea of hoe to use them.
Thanks for any advice.

Drop them in the Community folder

Not sure, but…

From the Main Menu, click on Activities. I think this is what you are referring to?

Thanks for getting back to me. What I’m referring to is what looks like flight missions/ scenery updates- but I’m not sure how to use them. I am sure there are instructions but I haven’t found them. If I need to copy and paste them to the community folder- how do I access them and do that?

Thanks you as well for your reply. This is an example of the files/ mods I have updated. I have no idea how to run/execute them…

They should be there in the respective Activities section on the Home Screen.

Do you not see them there?

Aha! I think I see it now. I see it now. Must be getting dense as I age! :wink:

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