Use two mice on XBox?

Looking for a solution to an issue trying to use two mice at the same time on Xbox Series X.

Why, you might ask? Well lemme tell ya’…

I saw a video of someone who was using an air mouse as a head tracking device for MSFS on Xbox. I bought one and zip tied it to an Xbox headset and it actually works reasonably well for controlling the free look view.

But the problem arose that I was already using a mouse (actually a trackball) for most cockpit interactions. With two mice connected simultaneously, the Xbox sees them as a single device and the results can be unpredictable.

It seems to depend upon the order in which they are connected. One or the other will take precedence over the button and wheel functions. This makes it impossible to use the air mouse to look about while also being able to manipulate the cursor and activate controls with the other one.

If they could be separated into separate control devices, I could map them to avoid the conflicts. But as a single device, I haven’t been able to make it work satisfactorily.

I have the TB Velocity One yoke and I can set the various hat switches and buttons to take the place of the trackball, but then I have to give up the other functions I had assigned to them.

I realize it’s a stretch, but I’m wondering if anyone here has any idea as to how to resolve this. I really would like to get it to work.

Very much doubt that will work. Windows - as far as I’m aware - can only have one mouse or keyboard, any others connected will just affect the same controls rather than be seen as extra devices. I’d be very surprised if the xbox was any different in that respect.


I switched to PC with the GrassMonkey setup which is awesome. But the TB V1 is pretty adept at having a ton of view options available you can get just about anything done with all the buttons.

I was using TB pedals so freed up the triggers. I had for views:

-Obvious free look on the proportional right hat
-Used the left hat for quickview left/right (up/down was VS ref up/down)
-Used the small right 4way up/down for toggle through next custom view(never used standard view for reset) L/R was aileron trim
-The bumpers for raise/lower view for quick pop-ups with a tap
-The triggers for zoom axis
-Left button inside/outside(same camera controls outside)
-Right button load custom camera 1

Then set my ‘perfect’ proper head view as custom camera one with 2/3/4 etc for snap instrument views, passenger seats, etc. the last/highest view was always my taxi view or taildragger pop up taxi view. This way clicking once down would get you to that ‘last’(previous) view, the others would be in succession clicking up as toggle next.

The remaining left 4way was up/down for heading bug and l/r was rudder trim.

Gets a LOT done.

They still work on the head tracker too as i still often use them for a steady view of something or a specific FMS or instrument view. I just switched the bumpers to reset/toggle head tracking instead. In challenging IFR or heavy panel work I don’t use head tracking and go back to my specific views for specific reasons, like a custom view to get the SR22 keypad and the MFD in view at once.

Try those assignments and you can increase pan and zoom speeds to get around the world pretty comprehensively. The rest of the assignments follow the simhanger setup for the most part. Heading bug on the yoke is a HUGE help.

The a/b/x/y whatever I have top to bottom: AP master/Alt Hold/Head Hold/Nav 1 Hold

Bottom buttons are ATC/screenshot/Active pause

My quad buttons Top | Bottom L/R are Nav lights w/beacon | parking brake; Tailwheel Lock and water rudder(some setups different) | toggle taxi ribbon; Alt Ref increase | decrease(so you can just hold that sucker) ; Taxi lights | Landing Lights; and Gear UP | Gear down (never toggle).

One thing about having reset custom view 1, is you can often toggle by hitting that one button between the default view and your custom view. If you move the camera in the default to spot something in a bank, toggling the button goes back and forth. That view wont reset until you hit snap view. So it’s handy too as a ‘hold a temporary alternate view’. You get used to it. I did over 1000 hours with that setup in XB before going to PC and it still is quite handy even with head tracking.

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Thanks for the detailed writeup. I too have extensively customized my V1 yoke with saved views and such. I even added a Koolertron 9-key pad (36 programmable functions) for additional quick views, ATC comms and misc stuff.

But I really prefer using the trackball for cockpit interaction. The hat switches just aren’t as fluid and I also have the trackball mounted on the arm rest so I don’t have to keep both hands on the yoke at all times (lazy – I know). It’s worth more to me to keep the track ball than to add head tracking.

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Head tracking is awesome at times, can be a bit of a nuisance as well, especially working a panel. I use a mouse for all things not on a button. I still keep mine desk clamped but move the whole yoke to the left edge and use the quad on a bracket with the flightstick too.

Only thing I need to add is the Octavi IFR.

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