Using 3rd party planes as simobjects in scenery


If I use airplane models from 3rd party DLC to populate my airport, what happens, if someone who doesn’t has the DLC installed, uses the scenery?
Will the objects just not appear for him or will he get some kind of error using the scenery?
Same for assets from asset-packs. Will they just not spawn or will the scenery not load/function, if you don’t have the necessary asset-pack installed?

Thanks for the help.

Well one its breaking copyright laws to share stuff from 3rd party add-ons anyway. But yes the objects won’t show up for anyone else anyway.

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So it’s really breaking copyright laws, if I just place an aircraft in the scenery? I’m not copying/sharing or distributing the 3D model in any way, just setting a reference to the simobject in the scenery. And people who haven’t bought it won’t see it anyway (as you said).
Well, if it is (breaking copyrights), I’ll better scrap that idea…
Thanks for the answer.

nothing stopping you adding it to your game its when you share it that it matters.

As for the assets from those free asset packs, nothing will happen if someone, who doesn’t have them installed, uses the scenery? They just won’t be able to see them?

You are not breaking any copyright laws. But unless anyone else has those planes, they won’t show in their sim. A placement BGL doesn’t do anything but tell the sim to put that object in that particular position. It doesn’t install the object.
But why? A detailed 3rd party aircraft contains thousands of polys and perhaps dozens of textures. Why waste CPU, GPU, and memory resources like that?

Sharing someone else’s content Without permission is breaking copyright laws.
But as you said they won’t show anyway, but no idea if there are ways round that. But if you use assets from another add-on to make another scenery, it probably isn’t allowed if you share it, even if the other people own the other content that it has been taken from.

Well, I’m trying to make an old WWII airfield and it looks so empty without any aircrafts, and since I suck at blender and the basic game and asset library doesn’t have any WW2 planes…
I see, not the best idea (copyright and/or performance wise).
But that airfield looks sooo empty… :grin:

I’m not taking assets from other people sceneries. I use assets from free-to-use asset packs, like mikeaat or daves people library.

Well that’s not what you originally said, of course free asset packs is fine to use if that’s what its for.

I assume in the case of asset packs you have access to the object and texture files so you can add the objects to your project in the modellib file. You might have to change the guid in the xml file for the object but not certain.

Well, I mentioned asset-packs in my original post. Also, my original question wasn’t even about if I’m allowed to use those assets or not, it was about, if people, who don’t have them installed, run into any problems when using the scenery…

Yes and I answered that not sure if they would show for someone with the same aircraft downloaded or not but if it did then in that case it probably isn’t allowed and was letting you know.
I also wasn’t sure from first comment if you was on about add-ons that add assets to the world or those free object packs you can get that you can use in your own projects

Anyway won’t say anymore probably seems like I’m nagging but just trying to help.

I really appreciate your help and I apologize if I offended you in any way. I just think there has been some kind of misunderstanding. Maybe it’s me making my problem not totally clear, since english is not my native tongue.
Those assets-packs I was talking about, you download them, put them in the community folder and then you can use those models in the scenery editor. Once you’ve finished the scenery, people who use it also must have the pack installed in their community folder (I’m not trying to import 3D model files into my scenery).
My concern was, that the sim would crash or the scenery would not load, if someone wihout those pack tried to load it.
And since I wanted to use the 3rd party planes that way (not importing the 3d models), I didnt even think about copyright infringement and I’m grateful you brought that up (better to be on the safe side).
Anyways, thanks again for your time and patience.

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Yeah i don’t think those objects would show up for someone else unless adding those asset objects as a new model in the projects folders for your scenery and changing the guid.( I don’t know this for fact though as never tried it only what i read)

Yes think just bit of misunderstanding no worries.

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Thinking back to previous sims, I don’t think you’d want too many missing objects, especially simobjects, where the sim and especially Simconnect can spend a lot of time searching.

Though I find the idea of asset libraries appealing, there’s no way I’d bother using them.

It’s like online sales conversions. If 50 people click on something, 10 click further and 1 buys.

Most won’t bother seeking out another download to use your creation. I’m sure there are loads of people unaware of the gaping holes that these libraries should be filling.

It’s pretty remarkable how often people never, ever read one word of your description. It might well be the majority.

If you want people to see something then make sure it’s baked into your download.