Using a tablet along with MSFS 2020

Is the an app like Skyvector that will track your location on a tablet as you fly in MSFS 2020? I’ve seen that done in videos of real pilots using a tablet to get plates and to track their location.


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You can use apps like flight plan go (android and ios, free) or Garmin Pilot (android and ios, free trial then paid) or naviator (android, free trial then paid), Foreflight (ios, paid),

Will they work with FS 2020 and display your location on the tablet? I looked up flight plan go and there was no mention of FS2020.

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I use littlenavmap, which is free, on a second monitor and it shows the location of the plane on the moving map. There are apps that make your tablet a second monitor, a bit like a virtual desktop. The combination of those two would do the trick for you.

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