Using AirServer to Mirror GarminPilot into MSFS via OVRDrop?

I’m trying to project my GarminPilot app on my tablet into VR, and saw that some people have found success using AirServer to Mirror the Android tablet, and then OVRDrop to then mirror that window into the VR space. I got everything to work, but my tablet screen in AirSever is relatively small with a large black border around it that frames the overall window, meaning the “tablet” in the cockpit is mostly black border with a pretty small tablet screen. Is there a way to make AirServer’s window conform to the actual tablet screen it’s mirroring? Or is there another app that might work better? I feel like I"m soooooo close to making it all come together…

I use OVR Toolkit with my HP Reverb G2 and can bring any window from my desktop and it always looks correct in the VR headset.

I do this on MSFS and X-Plane and also stream what I am doing on Twitch under the name of SparkerInVR so you can see it in action.

Thanks! Yes OVRDrop is working great for me, the problem is that Airserver puts huge black borders around the mirrored Android tablet which translate over to the OVRDrop mirror, so it either takes up the entire length of the cockpit to read, or its resized so small the tablet screen is the size of a postcard and can’t be read.