Using Occulus Quest 2 wirelessly

I’m interested in using the Occulus Quest 2 with FS2020. In particular the reviews say this one is good with glasses. But I don’t have a USB 3.1 gen 2 port. (neither A nor C). I’ve read that you can connect to the Quest 2 wirelessly by purchasing a couple apps. Has anyone gotten that to work with FS2020?

You can use Virtual Desktop (paid software) or ALVR (free, open source) to stream wirelessly to the Quest. Many users have reported this works better than the link cable.

I have had a lot of success in VR with a Quest 1 using ALVR.

Thanks! What kind of LAN speed is needed? I have about 510 Mbps writing and 4000 Mbps reading.

You will need a dual band router that is capable of 5ghz bandwidth and preferably connected via Ethernet to your pc although I have had success with a powerline adapter, having said that I have switched back to using a cable compared to using quest 2 for wireless.

What’s the spec of your pc as I’m a bit surprised you don’t have any gen 3 USB ports as they have been about for some time. What cpu and graphics card do you have?

I just bought the computer… it’s a Ryzen 5 CPU (something like that) and a GTX 1660 graphic card (something like that). MSFS sets it by default to “high end”

I said I don’t have any 3.1 Gen 2 ports. I do have four type-A 3.1 gen 1 ports. The gen 2 is necessary to provide the necessary power to the USB cable to mimic a USB-C connector, but it might work with a Gen 1 I suppose.

It should work usb 3 gen 1 … that’s the blue usb isn’t it I lose track of usb naming conventions.

I use a usb c to a cable rated for 5gbps which will work , I have an amazon basics 6 ft one that works ok, was also pretty cheap…

You’re limiting factor for vr will be your spec, I had a 1660ti that worked but wasn’t that great an experience and had to get a 2nd hand 1080ti that works fine. If you need anything further let me know.

You could also get a cheap PCI addon card for Gen 2 as well. They go for around $30-40. I have also seen where people have a better experience wireless with ALVR also. I have a Rift S so I cannot confirm but either option should work.

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