Using, Axis and Ohs, Air Manager all together

Is it possible to use, Axis and Ohs, and Air Manger together? I already own, using it for much of my Velocity One Flight inputs.

I would like to add Axis and Ohs into the mix for its extensive StreamDeck support on GitHub.

Finally, I would like to add Air Manger primarily for its G1000 overlay and functionality with the popped out screens and a separate monitor. I’m least familiar with how this product interacts with the sim

Would the three function together or does any one have hard coded functionality that will not allow it to work with others?

No issues with Air Manager. Can’t speak to the other two.

My question is if they will work together, at the same time, on a single pc, not separately, or alone.

They will. They all use simconnect and a separate LVAR bridge.

Not too sure how it will affect performance though. Should be fine.

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I don’t use Air Manager but have no issues using and Axis and Ohs at the same time. I prefer SN interface and ease of use but the the StreamDeck support in AO is fantastic. Will likely convert my SN profiles over to AO because they do overlap and you don’t really need both of them.

Personally, I wish SN would just support the AO StreamDeck plugin natively.

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I use Air Manager with Axis and Ohs. No issues.

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