USSS/USSK Yekaterinburg Russia Scenery

Hello, I created a full-fledged airport, city, and surrounding area of Yekaterinburg. Two months later, no one responded to me in the marketplace section to publish and post it in the official marketplace section. How can I contact or get any information about the application review? Nowhere is there any way to find out the terms of consideration or where and with whom you can contact.


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Your scene looks really good. You can contact Asobo but I think (logically) they are not focused at this moment in community developments and probably never will do.

As per today I think you only can publish your scene in the Freeware sites:


Thanks)! I’m create vk group and add scenery to simmarket 10-11 December
Group in vk:

I’m release the scenery:
Sale to Russia:
Sale to World:

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