Utah Trails Flight #1

Join in the fun as we fly together through the great state of Utah, the heart of the intermountain west. With more national parks than any other state (excepting only California and Alaska) it boasts exceptionally varied and concentrated beauty. Beginning at the northern tip of Utah we will fly the entire state from north to south in a series of ten flights, over barren deserts and forested mountains, through deep red rock canyons and across fertile meadows.

We welcome all sim pilots, new and old! Come join us for some fun flying, fascinating scenery, and great conversation.

Flight # 1 Highlights: Bear Lake, Wasatch mountains, Logan, Brigham City, The Great Salt Lake, Bonneville Salt Flats.

  • When: Wednesday August 4 @ 1900Z (UTC)

  • Server: West USA

  • Duration: About 1.5-2 hours

  • Suggested Aircraft: C172, XCub, or other light GA aircraft capable of cruising at 120 KIAS.

  • Objectives: Casual VFR sightseeing flight with airstrip landings.

  • Flight Conditions:
    Multiplayer: All Players
    Air Traffic: Off
    Weather: Real Weather preferred but only if VFR conditions prevail.
    Game Time: 06:30 MDT

  • Live Chat: Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord channel Microsoft Flight Simulator. I will find an open flight# and wait for you to join me. Look for “SamuraiSax”

  • Flight Plan:
    UT1–VFR Bear Lake County (1U7) to Wendover (KENV).PLN (3.2 KB) (updated 8/3)


Look forward to future flights over Utah Trails:

Flight #2 Highlights: Dugway Proving Ground, Tooele Valley, Oquirrh mountains, Bingham Canyon Mine, Salt Lake Valley.

Flight #3 Highlights: Salt Lake City, Park City, High Uintahs Wilderness Area, Mirror Lake, King’s Peak, Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Flight #4 Highlights: Dutch John, Dinosaur Natl Monument, Pelican Lake, Starvation Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, Mt. Timpanogos, Provo.

Flight #5 Highlights: West Desert, Little Sahara, Delta Reservoir, Sevier Lake, King Top Wilderness Area, Garrison.

Flight #6 Highlights: Beaver, Parawan, Cedar Breaks Natl Monument, Cedar City, Dixie Natl Forest, St. George.

Flight #7 Highlights: Zion Natl Park, Bryce Canyon Natl Park

Flight #8 Highlights: Capitol Reef Natl Park, Glen Canyon/Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, Monument Valley.

Flight #9 Highlights: Bear’s Ears Natl Monument, Canyonlands Natl Park, Arches Natl Park.

Flight #10 Highlights: Green River, Goblin Valley State Park, Manti-LaSal Natl Forest, Utah Lake, Salt Lake City.


Looks like a great series of flights. The start is early for me 5am but I’ll try to make it.

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I won’t be able to join the group fly, but I’ve already downloaded the flight plan, and I’m sure I’ll be flying it soon. I’m a Utah native, and I’ll still love to fly over these areas! Thanks for the plan. Can’t wait for the next installments!

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Howdy, neighbor! Enjoy the flight plan! :grin:

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This was really cool… had to leave at the first landing but I’ll definitely look to join these again. I’ve had this game for about two weeks now, having such a blast.


Very enjoyable, worth getting up at 4:30am. See you next flight.

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Thank you so much for joining me. It was a pleasure to have you along.

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It was a great flight, loved the valley chase.

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It was a nice flight, but unfortunately i was unable to join the Discord channel,
as it was capped at 20 participants.
Would it be possible to have a channel with higher limit for the next flights?

Yeah, I’m so sorry about that. You missed the best part! I sorely underestimated the number of participants. I’m investigating how to go about creating an official event with unlimited participants. If that doesn’t pan out I will at least try to grab the PTT channel next time, which has a 40 person limit.
Thanks for flying along and I hope we get to hear your voice next time. :grin:

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Couldn’t get in too, but i still enyed it! :joy:
Beautiful scenary, i used bushtalk radio as my backup Samuraisax in the end lol

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Not to make this post any longer, but I am pleased to announce that I have just created a Discord server specifically for this tour so we won’t be limited in our comms. The links to the invite are in the events announcement posts.

Thanks, Guys!


Missed the first one, they start at 7am for me and forgot to get up haha. Will defiantly be joining next time, flew around Utah yesterday and looks amazing.