Utah Trails Flight #8

Join in the fun as we fly together through the great state of Utah, the heart of the intermountain west. With more national parks than any other state (excepting only California and Alaska) it boasts exceptionally varied and concentrated beauty. Beginning at the northern tip of Utah we will fly the entire state from north to south in a series of ten flights, over barren deserts and forested mountains, through deep red rock canyons and across green meadows.

We welcome all sim pilots, new and old, PC and XBox! Come join us for some fun flying, fascinating scenery, and friendly conversation.

Monument Valley

Flight #8 Highlights: Capitol Reef Natl Park, Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, Monument Valley.

  • When: Wednesday September 22 @ 1900Z (UTC)

  • Server: West USA

  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours

  • Suggested Aircraft: C172, X-Cub, or any GA aircraft capable of cruising at +/-120 KTAS.

  • Objectives: Today we explore another national park, weave through the red canyons of Lake Powell, and make a final sunset stop at the iconic Monument Valley. All paved airstrip landings today.

  • Flight Conditions:
    Multiplayer: All Players
    Air Traffic: Off
    Weather: Live Weather preferred but only if VFR conditions prevail.
    Game Time: 17:30 MDT

  • Live Chat: Utah Trails Discord server https://discord.gg/RQ4Jnq5C

  • Flight Plan:
    XBox: 1L7–U07–05UT–UT25
    MSFS: (updated 9/21)
    UT8–VFR Escalante Muni (1L7) to Monument Valley (UT25).pln (5.5 KB)
    LittleNavMap: (updated 9/21)
    UT8–VFR Escalante Muni (1L7) to Monument Valley (UT25).lnmpln (4.5 KB)


Look forward to future flights over Utah Trails:

Flight #9 Highlights: Bear’s Ears Natl Monument, Canyonlands Natl Park, Arches Natl Park.

Flight #10 Highlights: Green River, Horseshoe Canyon, Goblin Valley State Park

Flight #11 Highlights: Beaver Dam, Manti-LaSal Natl Forest, Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah Lake, Salt Lake City.

Is it possible to add flight plan details for Xbox users as we have to enter the information in manually

Sure! The airports for Flight #8 are:

1L7 Escalante Municipal (DEP)
U07 Bullfrog Basin Airport
05UT Oljato Airport
UT25 Monument Valley Airport (ARR)

Because these are basically sightseeing bush flights most of the landmarks fall in between the airports and do not appear on the MSFS world map, so those waypoints can’t be added from there. (This is true for PC pilots as well.) The best thing to do is stick with the group and enjoy the scenery as we fly around it.

Alternatively, if you have a PC close by, you can download the program I use to plan these flights: Little NavMap. True, you can’t export the flight plans to XBox at this time, but you can at least see a detailed version of the flight plan we are using.

Welcome to Utah Trails!