[VA]Walker Air Transport - Freedom to Fly

Hello fellow Pilots.

Are you actually having any fun flying for your Virtual Airline? Are you tired of all the rules? All the regulations? All of the tedious restrictions on what you can fly, when you can fly and how you can fly?

All the slow, cumbersome and outdated operations systems? All the inconsistencies of management’s decision-making?

If so, then, Walker Air Transport may be the place for you …


Founded in 1999 by a small group of US and European aviation enthusiasts on a simple premise revolving around freedom of choice and having fun, this vibrant community has become one of the most active VAs in the World – and now, we cordially invite you to join us.

So, what can you expect?

  • A bespoke and automated Flight Data System driven by ACARS – for those with PCs and MacOS [X-Plane only].

  • A state-of-the-art Website and data-driven Crew Operations interface.

  • A very large, active and steadily growing Community with nearly 2,000 Pilots operating an average of 250-350 flights per day [a large number of those done on VATSIM]. In addition to that, several of our Pilots are active VATSIM ATC Controllers in places all around the World.

  • Pilots of all kinds, from casual hobbyists to those with real-world Pilot ratings – come together on the company’s Discord to share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for flying in FSX, MSFS2020, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

  • A diverse fleet of over 170 modern and vintage aircraft – GA, Airliners and Freighters. And even a few surprises. Each one wears our distinctive livery. And something else? New aircraft are always being added. If there’s one you fly that’s not already in our Fleet, submit a Help Ticket, and, as long as it meets our requirements, every effort will be made to add it.

  • An enormous, worldwide network of over 640,000 real-world Scheduled and Cargo routes sourced from nearly all major Airlines.

  • A Charter module where you can create your own flights and go wherever you want to go. As long as the airport exists in your Flight Sim’s database, you can fly there.

  • Regularly-scheduled VATSIM events to fly with your fellow WAT Pilots – and each one giving you an opportunity to earn double points and hours for your flight.

Does this sound like something for you? If so, then come fly with us and reconnect with what got you airborne in the first place – a sense of freedom and having fun.


Have questions? Check out our Homepage [https://walkerair.us/] or leave me a comment here.

Thanks! We’ll look forward to seeing you soon in the virtual skies. Happy flying!


Love it, seems like just what I’m looking for!

This is a really well run VA. Very active and good people. 10/10 Will fly more and earn my vBucks \o/