Valdez (PAVD), Alaska terrain bugs due to Orbx mesh

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now fixed,due to Orbx Alaskan Mesh.

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums! I was just at that airport the other day and did not see that. Just to make sure I understand, you see this with Orbx Alaska Mesh uninstalled?

I have also edited your post. Screenshots go in the area where you typed YES.

Hi, I thought it was the update USA-X causing the terrain to be continually adjusting it’s height. So I removed Orbx Terrain Mesh and problem fixed. As there was no airport at PAVD originally from ASBO, never gave it a thought that Orbx Terrain Mesh was corrupting the new height data.

Oh, okay, thank you! I am going to move this to Third Party Addon Discussion so others can see it. I don’t know if you have an account on Orbx’s support forums, but you may wish to report this there, if someone else hasn’t already.

All Orbx mesh got broken with SU9. Only NZ has been fixed so far. Sick of Orbx taking so much time to fix things.

Disgusted to see they are still selling the Alaska and Himalayas meshes on their site while they are completely broken.

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