Valve Index vs G2 Performance

I just tried the TBM over Telluride TAA100 SS124 90hz 22.5fps 22.2ms and this was really good indeed. I was more on 120Hz for a few weeks but this is not bad at all and only 4:1 frame motion smoothing.

Nice! So far my only complaint is when I increase the SS, I don’t actually notice a difference. On the main page I have a 150% which seems to be my default, and then on the game specific I had it at 100%, but raising to 124 or max high or low it doesn’t seem to make any visual or frame related effects. Very weird.

@GenTVDinner ,
Do you switch in and out of VR (CTRL+TAB) when you make a change - or if you don’t notice anything, do you try restarting SteamVR? I would hope the latter is not necessary but at least you might try it once with a big change in SteamVR->Video->ApplicationSupersampling. I never know for sure what it will take for the app to see the setting. For example, any NvidiaCPL settings must be set before MSFS2020 is started (and it may have no effect anyway depending on the setting!).

I wonder if those of us with a Quest2 using Virtual Desktop and SteamVR can take advantage of any of these new SteamVR settings? My two HMDs are my trusty Reverb G1V2 and the Q2 on a 9700K@4.8Ghz+RTX2070 (nonSS but oclocked a little). So many settings and so little time!

So I’ve tried it with making the changes on the fly, backing out of VR and then back in, but I’ve never restarted steam VR or MSFS. I’m going to hold off on additional testing until the new patch today as I fear they’ll be enough changes that the tweaking game will have to (I hope not) start from scratch.

Roger - over and out for now! (Give me that vector, Victor…)

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I have a Valve Index and a HP Reverb G2 and fly in X-Plane and MSFS and also stream on Twitch in VR.

On X-Plane I can use my G2 and my Index controllers and have very few issues.

When I try that on MSFS it just becomes a stuttery mess and instead use my Index because it is much smoother.

I am running a i7 9700K with a RTX 2080 Ti with 32G of ram. I do find it interesting how different the two sims behave and wonder if in time MSFS will get better performance so what I am trying to do will be possible.

Well this latest update seems to look better, but has also tanked performance for me a bit. My G2 with same settings seems to be slightly less in the FPS department. My previous settings with the index which was buttery smooth with minimal motion reproj artifacts is gone. Its not as smooth as it was combined with alot more artifacts.

Edit: After letting it settle longer than usual, the G2 seems to be about the same in performance, but the index seems a bit worse. I just cant see past the better visuals in the G2. No matter what I do with the index it doesn’t come close in level of sharpness. So instead I’m trading decent performance with incredible clarity for a wobbly image combined with less clarity. I guess for now I’m done tweaking and I’m going to go back to flying!

I’ve taken a quick flight a couple hours ago around Liverpool and London with the G2 and it didn’t feel as smooth to me as before the update :joy:

But there was MP disconnection from time to time, where all other MP around you disappear all of sudden and reappear out of nowhere, which leads me to believe FS2020 was spending some useful CPU cycles just trying to connect.

I’ll try with the Index later (well in about 1/2 hour) in order to compare as well!

I found the same issues with London. However after a few more passes, it seemed smoother. I am wondering if I am getting a performance hit when the scenery is downloading. But overall I found London to be less smooth than Midtown Manhattan.

Here is my report with the Index over London: no better nor worse than before as far as I can perceive, probably the G2 experience wasn’t any different after all either.

However I’ve noticed with the Index standing at EGLC the VRAM was over allocated sometimes by FS2020 causing massing stuttering. Disabling motion smoothing was helping a lot reducing the stuttering when this was occurring, BUT, disabling MP altogether was also freeing up to 1GB of VRAM at once and re-enabling it didn’t take as much VRAM back.

It is possible there is a new bug in the latest FS2020 update causing some VRAM memory leak of some sort and it will take more flights in similar places I used to fly before to see whether this was just a 1 time glitch or not.

[updated: it was at EGLC, not EGLL]

Interesting findings. What I found is the more I used the sim, it seems to smooth itself out. I don’t even mean within the same session - I can reload the sim, start the same flight, same weather and it appears to be smoother. Oddly - even the UI at the main menu had the same conditions. After first loading up on the new update, the UI was stop motion with GPU and CPU at 100%. Restarted the machine/sim, same condition. Loaded up my TBM test flight scenario at KOPF around sunset as I was doing last night, performance was poor. Ate dinner, came back and loaded up again, UI was smooth as normal with normal CPU and GPU usages. Very weird the sim seems to get smoother over time. I would think this a placebo effect if it wasn’t for task manager reporting a difference, especially with restarting the PC not making a difference…just literally time.

Ran a TBM flight with RW weather but around sunset from Manchester to Heathrow, performance was pretty good in the G2 with reproj off. Did a few passes around London, and it did get borderline unusable for a min or two, but I’d say it was a pretty demanding scene. Clouds, some fog, glass cockpit, all the photogrammetry buildings etc. All in all it settled up quickly and made the landing at Heathrow. To be fair, I haven’t flown over London with the previous versions of the sim, so not sure if the studdering ect was normal in VR around these parts.

Here is some more to fuel the topic:

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