Vancouver BC, MUCH slower than NYC, Paris, Tokyo?!

As a Vancouver resident who was SUPER excited for the Canada World Update this is huge punch in the gut. I was really happy Vancouver’s downtown peninsula had photogrammetry at all when the Sim debuted 2 years ago. I could see my actual apartment building!

I have had very little time since WU Canada to do much simming and I haven’t been at home in Vancouver with my 5900X/3080 rig, I’ve been in the US for family matters using a 5 year old Xeon workstation with a 3060 Ti in it, ok but not what I’m used to. I did just get a RTX 4080 and even on this older workstation CPU and PCIe 3.0 motherboard the 4080 is amazing. Settings CRANKED up and looking stunning I get 36-45 fps in huge urban areas like New York, Paris, Tokyo!!! And a butter smooth, no stutters 36-45 fps. I’m really really happy with this performance and stunningly beautiful look.

BUT… If I go to Vancouver I get 22-30 fps!!! This is with an empty Community folder!!! And I don’t mean just over the denser areas, the airport and the downtown core! I can be out in the outer suburbs and it’s still SLOW. And the Downtown Peninsula, save for a few beautifully (overly??!) detailed hand crafted bridges they have added, looks MUCH WORSE. I know the photogrametry complaints since the WU Canada have been mentioned elsewhere. And I know the performance issues with the FSimStufios airport installed since all the suburban PG has been added has been mentioned on here, but this result. MUCH worse performance around Vancouver than MUCH larger and better visually represented cities around the world is new to me!!!

I know Asobo has said they would address the bad looking photogrammetry around Vancouver, but I sure hope they don’t just add my polygons to the downtown core to make it look decent and not address the crazy bad fps performance.

Come on Asobo, you are better than this. The sim over all is looking amazing, the performance I’m getting in general with this RTX 4080 is amazing, Vancouver is a gem of North American and a STUNNING place for aviation. DO BETTER.