Vancouver-Portland Dead zone!

Every time I try to fly from Vancouver to Portland or vise versa , no matter what jet airliner I use, half way a get a CTD. Elsewhere I have no problem. Any one else has this problem? What could the reason be?
I do have the latest world update III as well as the hotfix.

Try clearing your cache or disabling cache. I had an issue like this in the middle east a month or so ago.

But why should I do that if I can fly now from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or New York to Montreal with no CTD? and by the way how do you clear my cache? and if I disable the cache will it not affect the quality or the performance of the simulator? Does the cache accumulates and you have to clear it all the time?

There could be some corrupt data held in the rolling cache and as you near the area that is corrupt, you get a CTD.

Go to your setting menu under DATA. Near the bottom, you find a delete rolling cache. Click that and then restart the sim. To turn it back on, click enable rolling cache. It’s fine to leave it at 8 gig, but you can increase it if you like.

Do you have any addon airports installed in the area? I had CDTs in Switzerland a few weeks ago because of conflicting addons. As soon as I came into the vicinity of the airport, the game crashed. I uninstalled them and the problem was gone.

OK I deleted it and restart the Simulator and the ROLLING CACHE is OFF now. Why must I put it back ON if I never use it to fly in a particular area with no internet connection?

You can probably turn it back on. But to get through your problem area hopefully without a CTD I would keep it off and turn it on your next flight.

OK I did delete the ROLLING CACHE FILE and left it OFF. Try the route again and around the HELNS way point I got a CTD again. I haven’t installed any add ons in that area. So seems to me for a strange reason the Flight Simulators does not want me to fly in that route (I am black listed maybe lol) I will enjoy the rest of USA…

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That’s strange. I flew many times over that area and no problems. As far as rolling cache- it’s broken so I wouldn’t even bother using it until Asobo figures out the problem.

So keep it OFF then its OK?

I can’t promise that- we don’t even know if that’s the problem. However, even Asobo recommended keeping the cache off until they figure out what’s wrong with it in general.

Sage- Your confusing the Manual Cache, which is causing issues at this time, with the Rolling Cache which is working fine.

Temper…deleting rolling cache is always a good place to start if something goes wrong. You can leave it off turn it back on if you find slow scenery, weather etc…

-If that is the only spot causing Ctd, it could be a bad spot on the map, there are a few. Try to get an exact spot when it happens and report it to zendesk.

@TemperedPaper48 are you flying a specific route you can share and we can replicate.

Include aircraft, weather, time, etc.

Let me turn ROLLING CACHE OFF and fly the route again (Vancouver-Portland), with live weather and default 787 aircraft at mid-day and report. I will also delete the the Rolling cache file.

FINALLY I have arrived in Portland, after

deleting the Rolling Cache and and leaving it OFF, but I am not sure if this is a good idea to leave it OFF all the time…

There is no problem leaving it off or turning it back on. Rule of thumb is if you fly in different areas a lot then rolling cache won’t add much. If you fly the same area a lot, then rolling cache can help. This is intended to help if you have slow Internet bandwidth.

Personally I have it turned off all the time. I could not perceive a difference between on and off. You might want to try flying with it off for a bit then try turning it on. If you see an improvement, then leave it on. If not, then turn it off as it is one less thing for the sim to have to do.

There are a lot of threads saying use it v don’t use it. I think it comes down to personal experience and a lot is about your set up. You may benefit or you may not.

Thanks for the info. Now sometimes I use the R+CTRL plus + to increase the speed of the simulator. Has this any effect on the Rolling Cache setting?

Not as far as I’m aware - I use this feature too, without the cache with no issues.

Just wondering if you had installed the CYVR scenery from the Marketplace? I found this scenery was causing CTD. SO far no fix that I’ve found short of uninstalling it.

No I did not. But as I said deleting the Rolling Cache and and leaving it OFF solved the problem.